Nikki’s Notes: Career As A Professional Writer On The Books? Then Read This…

Avant Marketeer Nikki Alvin-Smith Offers Timely Insights For Your Marketing Delight

 There are many ups and downs in any writing career. Creative enterprises are often subject to subjective viewpoints and catching that ‘big break’ that affords brilliant opportunities for personal development and financial stability can be elusive.

If you are trying to get a publisher on board to run with your latest “bestseller” expect to endure a seemingly endless litany of rejection letters. Though as many in the acting profession will explain, it is often persistence that pays off. More than a few “B Listers” that I’ve worked for over my career as part of their PR teams have explained that they had to grind tenaciously for ten to twelve years before capturing a life-changing opportunity. During the course of these film projects, interviews or public events, there is a surprising amount of ‘dead time’, where you find yourself sitting next to the major talent and get a chance to chat one-on-one about life in general. And I’ve learned a lot about working in the creative arts from their generosity in sharing their experiences and heeding their warnings.

I have always been a big believer in serendipity, and also in putting forth your very best effort and reaching for the stars. A good work ethic was something my late father instilled in me from a young age. He encouraged me to aim high. Despite the positive support, my optimistic nature and enthusiasm, even I tired of sending my manuscripts to the major New York City publishing houses after 10 years and quit that route for a while to focus on my family, equestrian and corporate career.

In today’s marketplace access for publication of work is much easier for the budding writer to explore with a myriad of options where writers can showcase their talents in the writing genre. Yet still, there is a glut of average fare on websites and blogs, within book covers and glossy magazine pages. But this has always been the case. A recent 12-hour research tour to help a talented artist in the Horse In A Kilt authorship family, took me down a veritable rabbit warren reading National Geographic magazine archives from the early 1960’s through 1980. There were some fabulous works and some frankly awful ones within the pages. Now owned by Disney, this over 136-year-old publication evidently had its share of ups and downs too.

If you’ve ever followed the works of one particular author or artist (in any avenue) from the start to the end of their careers you know that creative talents evolve and develop. There are exceptions, but for most people no matter at what age they begin, over the course of their professional lives the material they produce will change. Hopefully, for the better. So if you are starting out and hit a few obstacles, don’t give up. Just because your first efforts don’t hit the sweet spot doesn’t mean that by re-writing or re-focusing your style cannot be improved. We all know that good writing is in the re-writing. And that outside viewpoint from a kind but knowledgeable Editor can bring forth a learning experience be it a humbling one.

Proficiency in the art of wordsmith talent is obviously a ‘must have’, but a truly unique ability to transcend ubiquitous work and produce engaging material is a huge plus. If you’ve ever worked as an Editor, as I have and do for Catskill Horse, ‘the little magazine that could and did’ that I founded twelve years ago and am proud to say now reaches over 100,000 readers per month, or worked as a Publisher in the book industry as I also do now at Horse in a Kilt Media Inc., then you know firsthand that not everyone can write.

Some people realize the limits of their own writing talent level and some simply don’t. During collaborations I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy working with authors as their ghostwriter, it is always heartening to have your skill set and wordsmith wizardry appreciated. But also of course, be paid for the effort. Be realistic about your own talents. Affirmation of good works will come but it will be a journey and the important thing is to enjoy the process.

The world of publishing and writing is changing and that can be scary. But despite interference from AI, net neutrality, distribution and marketing monopolies. I do fervently believe there will always be a place for a good book, a great read or listen. From the commercial marketing standpoint, great website and blog educational content based on a thought leadership perspective that has likely been hard-earned in a niche market will win out.

For business owners the trials and tribulations of all these marketplace changes is definitely a minefield. The tantalizing options of micro and macro-influencer purchase, AI integration on media channels and website and sales materials including e-blasts are heavily promoted as the best route. But, as the history books show, there are no shortcuts. Trends are just that, trends.

There will be major adoption of AI, of that there is little doubt. But a ‘people first’ transparent approach will be required, though its deployment behind the scenes will likely be the greatest enhancement to the bottom line. There will be blowback too, such as CNET found out as reported in Wired. And as an author, the aspect of being proactive in protecting your copyrighted works will also clearly become essential. It is truly,” A Brave New World.”

The serendipitous side of my nature, alongside the positive approach I adopt toward all things life, is that there is still plenty of opportunity for budding writers of any age, to engage to good result in the professional writing marketplace.

Meantime if you are a business owner looking for a new or better direction to build your company, please visit Horse in a Kilt Media Inc., to learn more about my stable full of services as an artful content writer, equestrian blogger, columnist, video producer and scriptwriter, film production showrunner, professional photographer, and marketing specialist and strategist. As a British/American professional Grand Prix competitor/coach/clinician I bring a unique experience/angle and thought leadership/authority to my wordsmith wizardry.

About Nikki:
Internationally published writer, content creator, PR/Marketing specialist, photographer and equestrian Nikki Alvin-Smith offers “Engaging Content that Engages Riders to Read,” with unique and fresh material for your horse or pet related business, magazine, website, newsletter, blog, and email blast sales machine. Her portfolio of works is extensive and includes equestrian and pet features that have been published worldwide in over 260 different magazine titles. Her clients include/have included: equestrian and “B” list movie celebrities for whom she regularly ghostwrites and provides PR services; manufacturers of equine and pet related medical devices, feedstuffs, supplements, grooming supplies, fencing and barn equipment, horse transport, horse structures and professional equine service providers; profit and non-profit initiatives and organizations; and non-equestrian related businesses/publications in the pet industry, investment, real estate and international travel and rural lifestyle.

Nikki Alvin-Smith is a British international level Grand Prix dressage competitor/trainer/coach/clinician. Together with her husband Paul, who is also a Grand Prix dressage rider, Nikki operates Willowview Hill Farm , a private dressage yard and organic hay farm in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The duo provides ‘team’ clinician services to clients worldwide to riders of all levels and many riding disciplines.

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