NRCHA Launches New Incentive Program for 2025

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The National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) will launch the NRCHA Incentive Program for the 2025 Stallion Stakes. This program advances the current Subscribed Stallion Program to bring larger payouts and more recognition to the sport of reined cow horse.

“NRCHA is excited to announce the new NRCHA Incentive Program,” said Emily Konkel, NRCHA Executive Director. “Our Board, staff and task force have spent countless hours working through the program’s details, and we believe it will transform the cow horse industry by increasing payouts and bringing even more value to these incredible horses.”

The new program will allow stallion owners and all breeders to remain connected to their horses’ offspring throughout their careers in the show pen. As with the current program, stallion owners must pay a subscription fee for each foal crop to be eligible to compete at the Stallion Stakes. Additionally, all foals must be nominated into the program by paying a one-time nomination fee.

The NRCHA Incentive Program will allow NRCHA to increase payouts to the competitors at the Stallion Stakes and reward the stallion subscribers and foal nominators for their offspring’s success in the show pen.

“It’s time for NRCHA’s breeders, stallion owners and competitors to earn the payouts and recognition they deserve for showcasing the best-trained horses in the Western industry,” Konkel said. “We’re thrilled to launch this program and can’t wait to see the increase in payouts for the supporters of reined cow horse at the 2025 NRCHA Stallion Stakes.”

At the 2024 Stallion Stakes, the limited-age classes paid out just over $500,000 to the competitors, and the sire of the Open Stallion Stakes champion took home a check for $2,500. With the new NRCHA Incentive Program designed to build million dollar payouts, competitors could potentially compete for over a million dollars next year. Additionally, stallion subscribers and offspring nominators will earn checks for every horse that makes the finals in the Open and Non Pro divisions.

Beginning at the 2025 Stallion Stakes, horses competing in the limited-age event must be sired by a subscribed stallion and nominated into the NRCHA Incentive Program. NRCHA is offering a one-time nomination of $275 for all eligible horses, regardless of age, due by November 1, 2024. Any stallion currently enrolled in the Subscribed Stallion Program will be offered a $1,000 credit for each year they’ve been enrolled to put toward their enrollment in the new program.

NRCHA will host a free webinar addressing the NRCHA Incentive Program on Wednesday, May 1, at 4:30 p.m., CT, that will allow members, breeders and owners to learn more about the program. For more information on the program and to register for the webinar, visit

About the National Reined Cow Horse Association
Based in Pilot Point, Texas, the National Reined Cow Horse Association was formed in 1949 in California, with the goal of preserving and educating the public about the rich history of this traditional horsemanship. The NRCHA is responsible for promoting the sport and ensuring high standards of competition and continuing to work to keep the Vaquero tradition alive in today’s equine industry. The NRCHA also supports numerous affiliate clubs across the United States, Europe and abroad. These groups serve as the association’s backbone, holding many NRCHA-sanctioned competitions and events each year. For more information on these events and reined cow horse, visit

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Callie McCarthy-Boevers
Director of Media & Communications