NRHA Professional Shares Business Growth Strategy on How to Market Your Horse Business Podcast

Trying to plan for 2023? Regardless of your corner of the equine industry, one thing’s for sure—you’re looking for ways to grow.

Because if you aren’t growing your potential customer list, or growing your order list, or growing your audience of best-fit customers, then those things are likely shrinking.

That’s why, in the newest episode of the How to Market Your Horse Business podcast, you’ll learn how you can grow your horse business by doing one specific thing: lean into your strengths.

National Reining Horse Association Professional Lindsay Hayes-Cofell recently joined Denise Alvarez on her How to Market Your Horse Business Podcast to share how her new Equitation Accelerator online program and the growth of the online education aspect of her business is a direct result of Lindsay leaning into her strength

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Lindsay Hayes-Cofell and her husband, Jessie Cofell, own Hayes Cofell Performance Horses in London, Ontario, Canada. With more than 20 years of training, riding, breeding, and coaching under their belt, their recent online expansion has allowed them to help even more riders uplevel their horsemanship and riding skills.

While your equine business is likely different from Lindsay’s in terms of the offerings and even the audience, every business owner should look for ways to identify what’s working well so you can hone and grow it to its fullest potential.

“If you want to keep doing what you love AND get paid to do it, then growth matters,” said host Denise Alvarez. “Concentrated effort on an area where you are strong and you’re meeting a need or solving a problem that people will pay for—that’s the key to sustainable growth

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