NSBA Announces SFC Will Summers to Attend the 2023 NSBA World Championship Show

The National Snaffle Bit Association Foundation is pleased to announce the attendance of  special guest speaker, Sergeant First Class Will Summers, at the upcoming 2023 NSBA World Championship Show.  The 2023 NSBA World Championship Show will be held August 10-10 at EXPO Square, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Following the attacks of 9/11, then Staff Sergeant Will Summers, participated in a heroic 12-man Special Forces team of Green Berets on an impossible mission into Afghanistan. They would ride to war on horses to fight the enemy and liberate the strategic city of Mazar-i-Sharif within a matter of weeks.  Considered one of the most successful unconventional warfare campaigns in modern history, the story of these brave men inspired the 2018 motion picture 12 Strong.

Sergeant Summers is scheduled to speak during the 2023 NSBA World Championship Show at a range of events including the Veteran’s Heroes On Horses, Cowgirls ROC and the annual NSBA Honors awards banquet, August 11-13, 2023.

“NSBA is excited to team up with SFC Summers,” noted Stephanie Lynn, NSBA executive director. “As we celebrate our 40th year, it is only appropriate that we include our military, whose brave actions allow the horse community to celebrate our passion for the horse. We look forward to hearing Will’s story and introducing him to a horse of a different color, the NSBA show horse. It is our hope that members will take advantage of one of the many opportunities to meet Will Summers.”

Tickets to the NSBA Honors banquet can be purchased at nsba.com/awards-banquet.

Established in 1983, the National Snaffle Bit Association has expanded from its roots in the Western Pleasure discipline to recognize various disciplines and eight breed associations in competition. NSBA’s mission is to grow the show horse community through various equine programs and events where every activity benefits horses, breeders, owners and exhibitors alike.

The National Snaffle Bit Association has more than 20,000 active members and more than 44,000 registered horses across its eight alliance breed organizations. In 2021, NSBA members earned more than $13.6 million in monetary awards at NSBA-sanctioned horse shows. The association sanctioned nearly 600 horse show events and close to 200,000 horse show entries last year.

About the NSBA Foundation
The National Snaffle Bit Association Foundation is the non-profit 501(c)3 arm of the National Snaffle Bit Association. Operating under a separate board of directors, the NSBA Foundation serves NSBA’s more than 20,000 members, the equine therapeutic community and the equine community at large through educational programming, scholarships, and financial assistance to equine professionals in crisis. The NSBA Foundation also works to keep animal welfare at the forefront of the equine industry. To learn more, please visit nsba.com/foundation.

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