Premier Equestrian Partners with FireHorse Rescue Kits

For superior barn fire protection.

 Premier Equestrian, a long-time international supplier of equestrian equipment, footing, and expertise, is now an official distributor for the innovative barn fire safety tool, FireHorse Rescue Kits. Premier Equestrian’s line of arena footing, arena drags, dressage arenas and horse jumps, ground and floor products, and barn accessories are designed for safety and performance. Premier footing products and the Premier Arion Ebb & Flow System sets the industry standard for FEI-level show jumping and dressage arenas and can be found at Wellington International/The Winter Equestrian Festival, the Desert International Horse Park, Del Mar Equestrian Center, and is promoted by Olympians Steffen Peters and Adrienne Lyle. In June, they added to their ranks of cutting-edge equipment the FireHorse Rescue’s patent pending line of barn fire safety and horse evacuation kits, designed by lifelong equestrians and career firefighters to enhance daily barn fire safety.

Premier Equestrian’s dedication to innovation and safety made its distributorship with FireHorse a natural step. After a barn fire at a friend’s newly constructed farm (there were no injuries to horses or humans), President Heidi Zorn noticed a definite gap in the equestrian market when it comes to fire safety. Combining ease-of-use, durability, accessibility, and a unique selection of products, FireHorse Rescue Kits aimed to bridge this gap between first responders and daily barn life. Addressing major issues encountered during catastrophic barn fires, FireHorse gives any equestrian the tools to prevent and put out spot fires, as well as a plan to get horses out of the barn and keep them safe.

FireHorse Rescue Kits, LLC was founded by career firefighters and lifelong equestrians seeking to bridge the gap between daily barn life and fire safety. Every kit contains a selection of items to be used in a fire or other emergency, and the made-in-the-USA case contains custom foam to protect and prevent damage. Designed to be hung in the main barn breeze way, FireHorse Rescue Kits are an easy way to ensure that every equestrian in the barn is prepared for a potentially dangerous situation.

One of the kit’s integral components are patent pending equine blindfolds, developed specifically for use in emergency situations. These horse blindfolds wear like a fly mask and restrict the horse’s vision up to 80%. During fire panic, horses have been known to refuse to leave their stalls or to return to a burning structure seeking safety. FireHorse’s blindfolds are intended to allow equestrians or first responders to remove animals safely and intended to reduce injury and panic by removing visual stimulation. They are additionally useful for trailering, for horses sensitive to needles, and to reduce panic when waking up from anesthesia.

Each kit also includes two handheld, point & spray canned extinguishers. These are easy to use for anyone, from children to senior citizens, and perfect for small fires, especially hay, shavings, or feed room flames. An excellent alternative to more cumbersome, fullsized extinguishers, these also require less maintenance and are readily available in the case.

During fires, the heat can melt or make latches, door knobs, locks, and other metal items impossible to handle or touch. Heat resistant to 1472 degrees and flame retardant, the gloves in every FireHorse Rescue Kit are made of a mix of breathable cotton knitting and double layered fiber with silicone for grip and fire resistance.

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