Second HorseGrooms Live Event With Impressive Lineup of Top Grooms and (Equine) Experts

After a successful inaugural HorseGrooms Live Event in Wellington, FL, the team behind the first-ever community for grooms hosts a second HorseGrooms Live Event today, (Tuesday, March 26) in Loxahatchee, FL. HorseGrooms Live II is powered by Enviro Equine & PET. The HorseGrooms team looks forward to meeting fellow grooms and equestrians and learning from experts in a welcoming and low-key environment.

With an impressive lineup of clinicians, the HorseGrooms team strives to serve grooms of all ages, levels, and backgrounds with education and community.

Amazing grooms and (equine) specialist will share their expertise:

  • The author of the HorseGrooms Guide to Finance and the book Mega Wealth, Emmy Sobieski CFA, about employment contracts and more..
  • Vet tech Laura Elser about equine emergencies, what they look like, and what to do.
  • Danielle Burgess, founder of Instagrooms Inc, about her online platform for freelance equestrian services.
  • Jessica Springsteen’s top groom, Josie Eliasson (founder of Yehaww), and Laura Kraut’s top groom, Margo Thomas, about practical grooming.
  • Doctor Michele Hollis, MD, FAAEM about what needs to be in your wall box to take proper care of yourself.
  • Equine Nutritionist Angela Brackett of EnviroEquine & Pet about the ingredients in horse treats, the importance of Omega 3, and the right amount of Vitamin E in a horse’s diet.
  • Dietician Kimberly Maloomian, RD, LDN about how to prepare an easy but healthy and filling breakfast when you are on the road.  Like yummy avocado toast, peanut butter and banana rollups, and overnight oats.
  • Myofascial Equine Therapist Mark te Kiefte will show and teach the attendees what palpating a horse can tell you.
  • Author Mary Ann Simonds will talk about her super interesting book: “Managing Emotional and Mental Stress in Horses for Improvement Welfare.”

Location: 1483 E Road in Loxahatchee, FL.

Time: 5 – 7/7:30pm

For more information, click here.

Thanks to our sponsors, access to these events is free for all grooms. Please reach out if you would like to host a HorseGrooms Live Event or (financially) support one!


Thank you to Yehaww, EnviroEquine & PET, Equine Tack & Nutritionals, Dandy Products, HollisMed, Kimba’s Kitchen, Unbridled Form, Ride Every Stride,, @Buckets_to_brushes, and DziaSport for supporting this event.

For more information, contact HorseGrooms founder Dinette Neuteboom at or at 561 246 9068

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