Seen Through Horses Presented by Zoetis Highlights Horses’ Role In Mental Health

Seen Through Horses showcases the incredible impact horses have on mental health while bringing together members of the equine community to help support equine-assisted services.

Horses have been incorporated into various human health and wellness services for many years, however involving horses within the context of mental health is relatively new. Horses, in partnership with psychotherapy or counseling professionals, can make a big difference for the mental health challenges so many people face and help them heal in a safe and powerful way. That’s why the Equine Network—with the help of title sponsor Zoetis and premier sponsors Horses for Mental Health and Arenas for Change (ARCH)—is thrilled to announce the creation of Seen Through Horses.

Seen Through Horses is a peer-to-peer campaign convening individuals, 50 non-profits, mental health professionals, celebrities, and influencers to help increase awareness, public engagement, and funds to improve access to programs incorporating horses into mental health and personal growth. This collaborative campaign coincides with Mental Illness Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day, running October 3-10, 2022.

“At Zoetis Equine we know first-hand that horses make our lives better,” said Jessica Normand, Senior Marketing Manager, Equine Pharmaceuticals and Brand for Zoetis. “Because our mission is to help all horses live their best lives so they can continue helping us live better lives, supporting the Seen Through Horses campaign was a perfect fit. We know the power horses have to improve our wellbeing, and this campaign is a great opportunity to showcase the incredible nonprofits who are supporting mental health programs and equine-assisted services.” Jessica Normand is also a Trustee for the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) International.

In addition to the title and premier sponsors, the American Horse Council, Horses & Humans Research Foundation, Natural Lifemanship, PATH International, Temple Grandin Equine Center at Colorado State University, Polyvagal Equine Institute and The HERD Institute are also supporting Seen Through Horses as premier partners.

“As a lifelong equestrian, I know the positive impact horses have had on my life.” said Melissa Kitchen, VP of Video and Creative Services for Equine Network. “As a board member of Horses for Mental Health, I am excited to share the amazing impact horses have on mental health with our audience at Equine Network and the broader community.”

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About Seen Through Horses
Seen Through Horses is a peer-to-peer campaign composed of individuals, nonprofits, mental health professionals, influencers, and businesses to increase awareness, public engagement, and raise funds to improve access to programs incorporating horses for mental health and personal growth. Horses can make a much-needed difference for the mental health challenges so many in our world face. Seen Through Horses aims to convene a community, empower nonprofits, and share stories of transformation to illustrate the positive impacts of incorporating horses into mental health services and programs.

The campaign is composed of mental health and equine specialists who have dedicated their lives to supporting both horses and humans. Seen Through Horses Campaign is made possible by our Title Sponsor, Zoetis, and produced and supported by our Premier Sponsors, Equine Network, Horses for Mental Health, and Arenas for Change (ARCH).

As we galvanize the equine and mental health sectors around one message, espoused at the same time, we encourage you to choose a nonprofit organization to support from October 3rd-10th, 2022 by visiting For more information, contact

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