Singer/Songwriter ‘hippie chic cowgirl’ Templeton Thompson Pardners Up with StableFeed

Singer / songwriter / ‘hippie chic cowgirl’ Templeton Thompson is GETtin’ BACK UP, movin’ forward & ONWARD & has a new Marketing Partnership with StableFeed.

“Me & our BIG precious beloved kids, our Jane & our Beau are SO GRATEFUL, SO EXCITED & SO THRILLED to have StableFeed as our newest Marketing Partner and Product Sponsor, Templeton says, not only are their products ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, (our kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them, they’re definitely members of the “clean feed bucket club”;), the BEAUTY~full SOULS behind the StableFeed brand are too!! I LOVE knowing the WONDER~full products at StableFeed are organically grown, sourced & packaged with SO MUCH LOVE by Mary & our whole StableFeed FAMILY!! We can’t wait to show you our journey with this AMAZING company & their AMAZING products!!”

StableFeed is an innovative horse feed and supplement company that uses science to harness the power of nutraceutical foods to promote and maintain systemic health in today’s equine athletes.

Our product formulations are driven by peer reviewed studies, input from nutritionists and veterinarians, and counsel from researchers around the globe. Our top priorities are safety and efficacy. Our goal is not to push more feed and supplements into that already crowded marketplace. We are focused on providing today’s horse owners with the clean and wholesome options they want so they can retain or restore health in their equine partners.

“There is no species of animal to which we owe more than equids. I have a profound love and respect for these animals and believe that every aspect of their care should reflect the gratitude these animals so richly deserve.”

– Mary, CEO and Founder

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Templeton & her husband & musical pardner, Sam Gay & all of their precious, beloved 4~legged kids are working away on new YouTube videos & all things HORSES & MUSIC, MUSIC & HORSES and can’t wait to share it all with y’all!! (Sam is currently working on his new album, so STAY TUNED!!)

To check out Templeton & Sam’s current HORSES & MUSIC, MUSIC & HORSES YouTube playlist:

Here’s to EVERYONE, 2 & 4~legged, 4 & 2~legged, ALIKE, movin’ forward & ONWARD & STRONG TOGETHER with LOVE, KINDNESS & GRATITUDE!!

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