SUCCEED® Equine Joins USTRC in 2024 as the Official Equine Digestive Supplement

The United States Team Roping Championships is excited to announce the partnership with SUCCEED® Equine who focuses on the health and overall performance of equine athletes.

SUCCEED® Equine is an equine health supplement company based out of Aurora, Ohio. This year, SUCCEED® celebrates their 20th year of helping horses of all ages and competitive disciplines achieve top physical and mental performance through increased gut health.

“SUCCEED® is an all natural, patented, daily supplement that was designed by horse owners, for every kind of horse,” Paula L. Dorsey, VP of Business Development said. “SUCCEED® has kept a very simple product line so we can focus on creating the absolute best supplement available for total GI tract health in horses.”

The SUCCEED® product specific for team roping horses is a once daily paste referred to as “DCP”.

“Our Digestive Conditioning Program (DCP) is a once a day, every day supplement that simply becomes part of your horses maintenance program,” Dorsey said. “The immediate changes ropers will notice are a better temperament, increased body flexibility, a more alert and responsive horse, increased focus, and most importantly and profoundly – the horse’s willingness to work and perform in the arena will drastically improve.”

The 20 plus years of equine science behind SUCCEED® has produced a formula that, along with tasting great to horses, targets the horses gut and provides a much higher level of nutrient transmission from the gut to the bloodstream and ultimately into the horses cells to create more and balanced energy. SUCCEED®, taken with a ropers current feed program will allow more nutrient absorption which increases metabolic functions on the inside of the horse, as well as producing visual changes such as increased muscle definition, positive weight gain, shiny coat, healthier mane and tale, and stronger and faster growing hoof walls.

“When horses don’t feel good, they don’t work well. They are just like you and I when your belly and intestines are out of whack, your whole body feels bad and you don’t want to perform and performing simple tasks become irritable. That’s really what we focus on with SUCCEED®,” Dorsey explained. “Comforting the total GI tract. Giving it what it needs and the positive side effects are just a better partner who looks and feels great that wants to work hard for you!”

To learn more about SUCCEED® visit and also use their “Retailer Locator” option to find a local retailer near you who carries the SUCCEED DCP daily supplement or new customers can take the SUCCEED® Challenge at

Contact: Paula Dorsey

Contact: Abigail Manning