Team from Achieve Equine, LLC Featured on The Rider’s Edge Podcast

Dr. Jim Chiapetta and Hanna Hartman from Achieve Equine, LLC, manufacturer of FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips, were recently featured on Farley Schweighart’s The Rider’s Edge Podcast. Titled “10 Things to Know about the Horse’s Respiratory System”, the podcast covered everything from anatomy and mechanics to Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH). The team at Achieve Equine is passionate about acquiring and sharing knowledge. Dr. Chiapetta is intimately involved with equine respiratory health, research on respiratory conditions, and promoting healthy equine performance. “In the process of developing FLAIR Strips, we expanded knowledge about the equine respiratory system, from the significance of airway resistance at the nasal passages to how respiratory health impacts performance,” shares Dr. Chiapetta. As Director of Operations, Hanna Hartman leads the team to creatively share that knowledge in a variety of ways- from podcasts and blogs to website articles and interviews. “A few years ago, we joined Farley on her podcast to discuss EIPH. Being featured on the podcast again was a pleasure, and we enjoyed diving more deeply into the educational content we feature on our FLAIR Strips website,” shares Hanna. To read our Top 10 Facts about the horse’s respiratory system, visit

The Rider’s Edge Podcast is produced by Farley Schweighart, the Western Performance Industry’s leading physical therapist who helps riders and their horses heal from injury, improve performance, and return to winning. Her love for improving the well-being and performance of both horse and rider drives her every day and let her to found Rider’s Edge Therapy & Wellness. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts here or on Spotify here. More information about Rider’s Edge Therapy & Wellness can be found at

About Achieve Equine, LLC: Achieve Equine is a worldwide distributor of innovative, evidence-based products. We partner with carefully selected equine brands to deliver safe, functional and validated technologies that improve the health and safety of horse and rider. Achieve Equine is the maker of FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips and the exclusive North American distributor of VIP Equestrian Half Pads and Iconic Equestrian Saddle Pads. For more information, please visit

About FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips: Developed by veterinarians, FLAIR Strips are drug-free, self-adhesive nasal strips that support horses’ nasal passages and promote optimum respiratory health of equine athletes at every level of competition. Eight clinical studies have been conducted on FLAIR Strips at leading equine research centers. The Strips are clinically proven to make breathing easier, reduce fatigue, conserve energy, quicken recovery, and reduce lung bleeding. Visit to learn more and shop today.

Contact: Hanna Hartman