The 2022 Run For A Million Introduces the CINCH News Studio

The Run For A Million (TRFAM), presented by Teton Ridge, reining’s richest event, has historically drawn interest from around the world. Since not all can attend in person, this year, the event is introducing the CINCH News Studio, hosted by TRFAM co-producer Taylor Sheridan along with NRHA Judge and Professional Steve Ross, to help those watching from home feel like they are a part of the show. It also adds a new element for those present during the event.

“My goal is to bring something new to the event this year for those folks who cannot attend, and for those who are in attendance to have the opportunity to watch from the show,” said Amanda Brumley, co-producer of TRFAM. “This is a rare and fantastic chance to watch in-depth interviews about topics which include the Western performance industry, U.S. Heritage Ranches cattle and horse ranching operations and hot topics of daily competition. The CINCH News Studio is all unscripted, in-depth discussion which will definitely entertain and educate.”

CINCH Director of Marketing Jessica Wahlert said the company was glad for the opportunity to help expand the show experience for TRFAM fans. Sponsoring the News Studio at TRFAM was a way for them to give back to their key demographic — people who love reining and the Western way of life.

“What Taylor Sheridan has created, he’s brought in a crowd of people who maybe won’t get the chance to see this live event and see what our Western industry is all about — the camaraderie and real family feel that comes to it,” Wahlert said. “That’s how our brand was built, so these are the type of people that we want to be accompanied with.”

The CINCH News Studio isn’t going to be your average social media event, she added.

“Their profession is producing in-show elements for an audience that isn’t there, and I think there’s no better event to couple this with to really showcase what’s going on if you can’t be there,” she said. “There’s really some made-for-TV elements in this. It’s not just sideline reporting; it’s really telling the story if you’re not there.”

The CINCH News Studio will be broadcasting live daily from the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center in Las Vegas during the 2022 TRFAM, to be held Aug. 17-20. Sheridan and Ross will sit down with special guests throughout the week. Content may be watched via Horse Show Global’s website, live on TRFAM’s Facebook page and on the arena concourse monitors.

A schedule with times will be posted at a later date. Follow TRFAM on Facebook and visit the event’s website for more information.

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