The Foundation for the Horse Awards Record $1.3 Million in Grants, Scholarships and Programs

The Foundation for the Horse, the charitable arm of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), has approved $1,346,035 in grants and support for 77 programs, projects, and scholarships, all dedicated to enhancing the well-being of horses, supporting innovative research, and educating future equine practitioners. This record allocation marks the third consecutive year in which The Foundation’s commitment to these initiatives has surpassed the million-dollar mark, demonstrating steadfast dedication to the equine and veterinary community.

“Our commitment lies in fostering the growth of future equine veterinarians, advancing the field of equine medicine through research, and stepping in to assist horses in their times of greatest need,” said David Foley, AAEP executive director. “Our duty is to fulfill the healthcare needs of horses and ensure their well-being, and our unique role in this endeavor sets us apart as an organization and Foundation.”

These funds will support critical advancements and research endeavors aimed at understanding and combating various equine diseases and health issues, conducted by both emerging and established researchers. Additionally, they will bolster programs designed to improve the welfare of working equines and horses at risk, contribute to disease prevention and disaster preparedness and relief efforts. Plus, they will facilitate educational training opportunities while providing financial assistance to aspiring equine veterinarians and veterinary students.

The following is a list of the grants allocated by project area.

Scholarship Awards:

  • Coyote Rock Ranch Scholarships (4)
  • Dr. Bill Rood Leadership Scholarship
  • Ellen DiBella Memorial Scholarship
  • Hagyard Equine Medical Institute Scholarship
  • Oakwood Foundation Scholarships (5)
  • Merck Animal Health Scholarships (5)
  • Richard & Anne Stirlen Foundation Scholarships (2)
  • Zoetis Foundation Scholarships (10)

Educational Programs:

  • AAEP – Veterinary Student Education & Sustainability Programs (12)
  • United Horse Coalition – General Support
  • World Equine Veterinary Association – 2023 Congress in Chile

Innovation & Research Discovery:

  • EQUUS Foundation Research Fellow
  • Innovation & Discovery Research Grants (6)
  • Young Investigator Research Grants (3)

Working Equids & At-risk Horse Welfare Projects:

  • Blind Love Association – Harnesses, Hooves & Health Program (South Africa)
  • Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare – Heart and Horse Program
  • Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue – “Canker Camp”
  • Disaster Preparedness & Relief Efforts
  • Equine Disease Communication Center
  • Equitarian Initiative – Online Education efforts & 12 welfare/educational outreach programs in 7 countries
  • Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue – Community and Open-Door Euthanasia Assistance
  • International Veterinary Outreach – Working equid welfare and building local veterinary capacity (Philippines)
  • Retired Racehorse Project – Thoroughbred Makeover Arrival Exam & Finale Jog Education
  • Standardbred Retirement Foundation – Education Workshops in the Amish Community
  • The Old Horse – ART (Assessment, Training, Rehab) Center
  • Vet Direct Safety Net

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About The Foundation for the Horse
 Established in 1994, The Foundation for the Horse is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to improving the welfare of the horse through Education, Research, and programs impacting Horses at Risk. Governed and stewarded by world-renowned equine veterinarians and equine stakeholders, The Foundation annually awards over $1 million in scholarships and grants to impact equine health and well-being throughout the U.S. and developing countries. To learn more, visit

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