This Year, Wellborn Quarter Horses Learned about Smart Electrolytes™

Joe and Andrea Haller of Wellborn Quarter Horses take natural horsemanship seriously.  At their farm in Northern Florida the couple and their staff offer boarding, training and rehabilitation services, as well as clinics throughout the year that feature some of the best natural horsemanship, obstacle and competitive trail clinicians in the U. S. and abroad.

Over the years they have worked with a wide range of horses, from purpose-bred competitive athletes to horses rescued from the brink of dire circumstances and restored to usefulness and optimal health.  In dealing with such a wide variety of cases, the Wellborn team has learned that sometimes less is more.

Such was the case with a now 24-year-old mare that suffered from chronic itchy skin.

“I tried dozens of treatments, both over the counter and prescription. I also did two rounds of Chinese herbs and other remedies, such as acupuncture, topical treatments, deworming methods and more,” said Andrea Haller. “In April I used the [Equiwinner] patches and there was a noticeable difference. It is now September, and she is not rubbing out her tail base, ears or mane. Normally by now she would have raw patches of skin and hardly any hair left in her mane, even with topical treatments.”

The Hallers have also used the patches on a horse with anhidrosis, a condition that prevents a horse from being able to sweat sufficiently or at all.

“We have a 9-year-old mare that was born and raised here, and last year she became anhidrotic, but we had no idea why,” Haller explained. “This past spring, I used the patches on her and halfway through the 10-day treatment, she began to sweat under her mane and now as summer turns to fall, she is sweating well. In Florida, summers are long. I am grateful to have found Equiwinner!”

Equiwinner is proven to aid horses with a variety of ailments, including EIPH (exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage), tying up, dehydration, anhidrosis, headshaking, skin irritations and overall performance. One 10-day Equiwinner treatment includes ten non-transdermal adhesive patches that contain natural balanced electrolytes. Rather than transferring electrolytes into a horse’s body, the horse’s body simply recognizes the electrolytes in the patches and responds to them, allowing them to work properly as nature intended.

“Natural horsemanship, like most disciplines, relies on a horse-human partnership,” said Barbara Socha, owner of Signal-Health, the North American distributor of Equiwinner. “Having a horse that is healthy and feeling good with smart electrolytes helps the horse focus on that partnership.”

To learn more about Equiwinner or to try them on your own horse, go to Equiwinner can also be purchased at retailers throughout North America, including Big Dee’s, FarmVet, and many local tack shops.

About Equiwinner
Equiwinner is a patented all-natural patch that balances the electrolytes in a horse’s body. By restoring the balance and proper utilization of electrolytes in a horse’s system, Equiwinner patches have proven to successfully reduce and/or fully resolve bleeding (EIPH), non-sweating (anhidrosis), tying up, headshaking and other chronic equine ailments. To learn more, visit

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