United Horse Coalition to Present at Animal Welfare Research Forum 

Data surrounding equine rescue has only been collected at the national level in the United States for the last few years via the Equine Welfare Data Collective (EWDC) – a program of the United Horse Coalition (UHC) and the American Horse Council Foundation.

Equines in shelters experience longer lengths of stay, a greater proportion of intakes via law enforcement confiscation and owner relinquishment, and a greater proportion of outcomes as adoption compared to small animal sheltering. The insight provided by this data supports the reported anecdotal experiences coming out of equine specific rescue and transition shelters that safety net programs like hay and feed banks, veterinary and euthanasia assistance, and short-term foster and husbandry care assistance can have a strong impact on reducing the number of equines entering the custody of shelters and sanctuaries.

The UHC will present “Taking Up the Reins on Equine Welfare” at the ASPCA-Association for Animal Welfare Advancement (AWAA) Research Forum virtually on Wednesday, November 1, starting at 4 pm EST as part of a full day of presentations. The Research Forum brings together animal welfare professionals and researchers.

The presentation will explore available data, including the interplay between the national capacity of equine rescue and transition centers and length of stay, as well as how data may be able to guide future programming at both the national and local levels. It will also discuss how differences in equine sheltering and small animal sheltering may guide program development. Finally, it will demonstrate national programs that rescues, sanctuaries, and animal control officers can access to support equines in need anywhere in the country.

Presenters Emily Stearns, the Health, Welfare and Regulations Affairs Liaison for the American Horse Council, and Ashley Harkins, Director of the United Horse Coalition, will discuss EWDC data collection, analysis, and reporting, as well as using the data to create local and national change.

Registration for the virtual event is free and the forum will be live on November 1, 2023. This forum will include presentations and audience members from animal shelters and rescues, animal control agencies, students, journalists and anyone interested in the science behind animal welfare.

Find out more about the ASPCA/Association for Animal Welfare Advancement Research Forum 2023 by visiting the website and registering for free: https://events.bizzabo.com/476789/home

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