Who’s on Your Team?

Marketing trends seem to change, like Kim Kardashian changing her hair color. The rate at which algorithms update and new platforms emerge is baffling—with no signs of slowing down.

And yet, regardless of marketing trends, what’s always been true about the horse community remains the same:

  • We put the horse first, always.
  • We are lifelong learners.
  • We excel at our craft in disciplines, breeding, or medical therapies.

Imagine having a team with a vet, a chiro, a stall cleaner, a nutritionist, a massage therapist, a farrier, a horse trainer, and a mindset coach all at your disposal for one flat rate.

Now, imagine that team charged you less than a full-time barn manager to be at your disposal.

Done deal, right?

When hiring marketing help, hiring one expert for your team who knows everything about digital marketing seems intuitive. But because of technology, the depth required of each platform increases daily, and with it, the demand for more specialists and fewer generalists, in the same way that the horse world demands people who have honed specific skill sets.

Picture that dream team being there for your horses week-in and week-out. This is the power of hiring an agency of equestrian specialists for your marketing team.

At Hoof Print Marketing, we take a 30,000-foot view of your brand and implement a marketing strategy that communicates your message to your audience with the finesse of specialists—without the complication of hiring a dozen contractors. #inserteasybuttonhere 😁

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