Will My Horse Still Respect Me?

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By Missy Wryn

Have you been told by well meaning people “don’t kiss your horse he won’t respect you”?  Or “you’re too mushy with your horse, you need to be tougher”.  From barn managers to trainers, I hear this all the time from my students and clinic participants, typically with tears in their eyes.  I’ve heard trainers say that kissing your horse’s face is dangerous because it means to the horse that you are going to bite.  Horses are far more intelligent than we often give them credit.  They live in the “feeling” zone knowing your intentions often before you are aware of what your body is saying.  Horses sense fear, anger, sorrow, and love and are fully capable of receiving your loving intention without reacting dangerously so long as you are their herd leader – that’s the KEY…….

Horses are genetically wired to require a herd leader at all times, even in a herd of two, you and your horse.  Therefore, you must establish your leadership first with any new horse and continue to be their leader at all times.  Your leadership must be in herd language invoking your horse’s instinct which is established by controlling your horse’s feet – it’s that simple.  Humans and horses share Four Core Emotional Concerns and one of the Core Concerns is Status.  Your horse will continue to vie for a higher status within your herd so don’t take it personally when your horse tries to move your feet and be aware when your horse is doing it.  For instance, when you are lunging your horse are you backing up because your horse is too close?  If so, your horse is moving your feet which means your horse is the leader, not you.  Be aware if your horse is subtly moving your feet.  If you are backing up because your horse is moving in closer counter your horse’s action by getting them out of your space.  If your horse rubs on you knocking you off your feet simply back your horse up and only allow your horse to rub on your terms such as feet firmly planted, and hands lifted allowing him to rub his head.  No need to be dramatic just control your horse’s feet by countering them trying to move your feet.

By controlling your horse’s feet, you are invoking their natural instinct and they will recognize you as their herd leader.  Always consider safety first, establish your leadership and know the horse you are working with before putting your face in close proximity for a bite, but if you’ve been loving on your horse and someone tells you not to, understand they mean well and know you and your horse have a deep and abiding relationship that fulfills your needs as well as your horse’s.

Missy Wryn is a Holistic Horse trainer working with the WHOLE horse.  Specializing in problem and dangerous horses, Missy has developed a unique, pain free, fear free and no treats approach to training horses.  No more running around in a round pen scaring and exhausting the horse and exhausting you.  Truly a new and easier approach to understanding herd language and effective communication that your horse will honor and respect while having fun and being safer.  Visit HolisticHorseAcademy.com for information about Missy, and her Training the WHOLE Horse® program. Call 888-406-7689 to schedule Missy for your event or clinic in your area, or email Info@HolisticHorseAcademy.com.

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