Chad Mendell, CowDog Media

Tally Ho at the Alamo Seminar, 2015, San Antonio, Texas

CHAD MENDELL is the former executive editor of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care and where he developed an array of online educational products from videos, newsletters, and webinars. In 2010, he founded CowDog Media, an inbound marketing and web development company focused on helping businesses be more than just a point of purchase for their customers by helping them become an invaluable resource. He was selected to judge the both the 2012 and 2013 ESMA’s (Equestrian Social Media Awards). Additionally, Mendell is the past vice president of the Kentucky Horse Council, and spoke at the 2012 AHP (American Horse Publications) seminar. He also actively trains and shows reining horses.

Mendell presented a session on Analyzing and Enhancing Your Social Engagement and then teamed up with Erin Ryder Hsu to present Digital Tools to Engage Your Audience.

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