David M. Braun, Keynote Speaker

DAVID M. BRAUN is a journalist of more than 40 years, including over 20 at National Geographic. Until May 1 2018, he served as Director of Outreach for the National Geographic Society with the digital team illuminating explorer, science, and education programs. As Director of Outreach, Braun edited the National Geographic Society blog, hosting a global discussion on issues resonating with the Society’s mission and initiatives. Contributors included explorers and Society partners, as well as universities, foundations, interest groups, and individuals dedicated to a sustainable world. He was also a participant on the Society’s mentoring program, a grant reviewer, and a member of the Society’s “Sciencetelling” faculty, specifically teaching their explorers how to blog with impact.

Braun also directed the Society side of the Digital Storytelling Fellowship, awarded to Americans seeking the opportunity to spend nine months abroad, engaging local communities and sharing stories from the field with a global audience. One of the Fulbright-National Geographic Fellows who Braun worked with was Ryan Bell, familiar to the horse publishing world for his award-winning articles and columns in Western Horseman.

Braun is also a former Vice President and Editor in Chief of National Geographic Digital Media (2007-2014), and has published a National Geographic book, Tales of the Weird. His earlier career at National Geographic included two years as Public Affairs Editor and seven years as Director of National Geographic News.

Braun presented the Keynote Address on How National Geographic Transitioned from a 130-year-old Legacy Print Brand to a Digital/Social Powerhouse.


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