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2015 AHP Annual Awards Contest (for material published in and dated 2014

Entries for the 2015 AHP Awards Contest are now closed. Good Luck to everyone!

Awards Contest Deadline Date was February 25, 2015

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What’s different for 2015?


Members will have more opportunities to enter their online material. Membership now includes your branded  website which makes content published in 2014 eligible for a wide variety of classes this year.  A branded website is the “same name” URL associated with the AHP member and listed in the AHP file records.

All your favorite media classes are all listed in the new Publishing Media Division. This new division includes editorial content, photography/illustration, multimedia, design, specialty, Special Awards, and General Excellence classes for Publishing Media, Individual and Student Members.

New classes for 2015 in the Publishing Media Division include:

Online Equine-related Long-Form Journalism
Long-form journalism entries are longer articles with larger amounts of content that may be supported with imagery, videos, audio, or other elements. The length of long-form articles is between that of a traditional article and that of a novel. Long-form articles often take the form of creative nonfiction or narrative journalism.  Article must be published in AHP Publishing Media Member website or digital edition.

Editorial Infographic (print or online)
An equine-related static graphic visual representation of editorial information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

Business members have their own class division. Business, Nonprofit, and College/University Members can now enter classes in the new Business Division. These classes include print ads, videos, specialty publications, books, blogs, e-newsletters and websites. New for 2015 is a Business Ad Campaign class. More participation in the Business Division will open the door to more classes in the future.

2015 Membership is required

In order to enter the 2015 Awards Contest, you must have paid your annual membership dues for 2015 by the submission date, February 25, 2015. Renewal notices have been mailed. If you did not receive your renewal notice or have misplaced it, please contact Chris at (386) 760-7743 or

Tips for success from the judges

This is the time to start organizing your best stories, designs, and photos from 2014 and collecting tearsheets and URLs to enter in the 2015 AHP Awards Contest. While the contest provides constructive critiques on every entry, we’ve asked a couple of our award judges to elaborate on what makes an award-winning story, photo, or design. Their tips may help you to select your entries for the upcoming contest.

How to Write an Award-Worthy Story
Every judge is different, as is every reader and every writer. The ingredients that go into an award-winning story – and the factors that may knock a writer out of competition – are fairly similar. Here are some tips for elevating your work and winning the judge over. Read more

Key Factors for Editorial Design Excellence
In judging editorial design, I always look for certain key factors: consistency in design, typography, photography, editorial content, and reader experience. Read more

Capturing the Award Shot in Photography
Judging the photography submissions for American Horse Publications is an interesting endeavor because the entries can range from portraiture, to environmental, to action sports photography. Each genre has a little different criterion from which I make my decisions. Read more

Check out last year's winners...Here's a SlideShare view of the 2014 AHP Awards Presentations

The AHP Annual Awards Contest is for AHP members only. As a member organization, the primary goal of the AHP contest is to reward and recognize its members; however the contest offers several classes which will allow entries from non-member publications. These classes are Student Equine-related Journalism (print or online), Freelance Writer Equine-related Journalism (print or online), Freelance Editorial Photograph (print or online) and the Alltech A+ Equine Journalism Award. The AHP Board of Directors and Awards Committee review the contest guidelines and class list annually.  For more information about AHP or the annual contest, contact Chris Brune at at (386) 760-7743 or


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