Kimberlyn Beaudoin, 2023 AHP Equine Media NextGen Winner

Kimberlyn Beaudoin is a Cazenovia College graduate with a Bachelor of professional studies in Management with a specialization in Equine Business Management. She gained experience working for some of the industry’s top equestrian media and horse show companies, including Jennifer Wood Media LLC., Equestrian Sport Productions, and International Equestrian Sport and Lifestyle Photographer Ashley Neuhof. Beaudoin has also been the National Director of Marketing for the Intercollegiate Dressage Association since 2018.  

Beaudoin founded KTB Creative Group in 2018, a creative and digital marketing agency catering to equestrians and small businesses worldwide.  

Beaudoin could not attend the conference because she was getting married that weekend. AHP member Karin Bump, who nominated her for this award, accepted the award on her behalf during the 2023 AHP Equine Media Conference in Tempe, Arizona. A video of Beaudoin’s acceptance speech was shown to conference attendees during the reception. Bump spoke on Beaudoin’s talents and encouraged AHP members to nominate a candidate for 2024.