Certified Horsemanship Association’s July Webinar on How to Create Great Arena Footing

The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) is happy to announce our July webinar that featured Barb Dipalma of GGT Footing who discussed arena footing – what works for your disciplines, area of the country, indoor or outdoor arenas, amount of horse traffic, and how to maintain it to its best advantage.

CHA has over 30 educational horsemanship webinars on our site. Some of the other topics include:

  • Helping Timid Riders Achieve Their Horsemanship Goals
  • Horse Selection and Suitability
  • Horse and Herd Management
  • Yoga for Every Equestrian
  • Exercises, Patterns and Drills for All Levels of Riders
  • Risk Management in a Horsemanship Program
  • Teaching Techniques for Riding Instructors
  • Marketing That Works
  • Function to Form: A Novel Look at Conformation
  • And Many More!

To select and watch these educational horse industry webinars, please visit https://cha.horse/education/#cha-webinars

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