Thinline Offers the Perfect Gifts This Holiday Season!

ThinLine is back in stock!

This holiday season, ThinLine is ready to support horses and riders with their shock-absorbing saddle pads and tack. The state-of-the-art products are made to order in the beautiful state of North Carolina and ship in 1-3 business days!

ThinLine will be offering a host of holiday events for fans and shoppers to participate in, including sales, freebies and other promotions. Be sure to subscribe to their e-mail list and follow on social media for all the details.

Why gift ThinLine?

Your trainers, stable manager, barn mates and every equestrian you know will be elated with ThinLine. Even non-equestrians will love ThinLine shoe insoles, which offer the same support and comfort our equine products give to horses.

The way ThinLine absorbs shock and reduces pressure points is what makes a horse happy and free in the back.  The ThinLine ventilates heat across the pad, and in addition to its’ 95% shock absorbency, is also non-slip.  Most importantly for horses is how these pads create stability and support, generating confidence and freedom of movement.

The dual benefits of extraordinary shock absorption and motion reduction of this product allows riders to stay in the saddle for years to come.  Not only does it remove most of the bounce, but also it greatly reduces the flexion of rider’s lower back. Many riders report their backs are free from tension and pain AFTER riding in a ThinLine.  It works equally well for muscle and spinal (bone-related) issues.

The perfect gift is waiting to be handmade exclusively for you. To learn more about ThinLine products, visit

ThinLine Global creates products focused on comfort, safety, and performance for horses and their riders. We make the feel softer and more effective while protecting horses for peak performance. We provide solutions from saddle fit to rider confidence and security. Additionally, ThinLine manufactures other innovative accessories to keep your horse happy and healthy.

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