Corro Brand Spotlight: Back On Track

Back on Track flies off the shelves at Corro. Customers love heat-therapy technology products that help horses relieve sore muscles, and alleviate pain from minor injuries.

Back on Track’s state of the art products reduce pain and chronic inflammation with Welltex textile technology, fabric infused with a proprietary blend of minerals exclusive to Back on Track that absorb body heat and radiate infrared rays, shown to increase blood flow to reduce inflammation, relieve sore muscles, and improve the body’s ability to heal injuries. Back On Track’s products help people, horses and dogs achieve a more active and comfortable life with a focus on pain relief. Saddle pads, coolers and liniments are proven to decrease back pain and soreness and increase overall comfort and wellness.

Popular Back on Track Products

 Back on Track Limber Up Linimint Brace & Wash

Pamper your horse with Back on Track Limber Up LiniMint Brace & Wash. This refreshing liniment uses natural ingredients to effectively improve range of motion and soothe aches, joint stiffness, and overall soreness associated with daily exercise.

Key Benefits

  • Natural ingredients: Plant-based ingredients like Aloe Vera and Rosehip are help with overall skin health; Rosemary, Yucca Root, and Peppermint oil all have natural anti-inflammatory properties; Arnica and Witch Hazel soothe and cleanse gently.
  • Use hot or cold: Can be used as a massage rub at either temperature.
  • Goes great with Welltex: Use Limber Up alongside other Back on Track products with Welltex, a material infused with a proprietary blend of minerals that radiate heat back to your horse’s body to improve circulation.
  • Soothing relief: Use before exercise, under tack, to warm up muscles or after exercise to soothe and calm down muscles.
  • Safe To Use: LiniMint Brace & Wash is safe to be used at full strength straight from the bottle or diluted under wraps.

Royal Tendon Boots with Open Front

Back on Track’s Tendon Boots offer pain relief and protection for horses after intense training or during recovery from injury. These tendon boots are made with Welltex infrared technology for a therapeutic treatment for temporary or chronic conditions.

 Key Benefits

  • Protection for stabling and trailering: Hard-wearing material prevents bruising and abrasions.
  • Great for show jumpers: Tendon boots offer protection for the foreleg tendons from strikes by hind feet.
  • Tough outer casing: Nylon laminated TPU outer casing
  • Easy to use: Elastic straps and brass buckles for a snug fit.
  • Therapeutic pressure: High density material provides supportive comfort.

Therapeutic Mesh Sheet

This innovative Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet can be worn during warm-up or to help your horse recover after competition. Back on Track’s exclusive Welltex fabric converts body heat to thermal heat therapy to loosen and soothe sore, tight, or inflamed joints and muscles to keep your horse in peak condition.

 Key Benefits

  • Runs small: Pony Sizes (72 and below) run small. Horse sizes run pretty true.
  • Pre- or post-exercise: Great for warm-ups to loosen muscles or after long rides, shows or competitions to support recovery.
  • Reliable fit: Features two chest buckles, cross-belly surcingles and a tail flap for a durable fit.
  • Safe for all: Ideal for horses with sore backs, stiffness, arthritis, tightness or to keep competition horses fit and ready.

Back on Track Therapeutic Turnout Sheet

You can also keep your horse warm and dry during training with the Back on Track Therapeutic Turnout Sheet. This horse blanket and turnout sheet features Welltex thermal heat therapy to ease sore or stiff muscles and joints. Ideal for horses with cold backs, arthritis, stiffness and tight muscles, it can also be used to keep athletic horses warmed up and loose.

 Key Benefits

  • Waterproof fabric: Made from 1680 denier for a durable, waterproof finish.
  • This special combination of minerals radiates energy back to the body using long wave infrared radiation.
  • Prevents injury: The heat therapy also keeps muscles loose and relaxed to prevent injury.
  • Stays in place: Features shoulder gussets, a tail flap, adjustable surcingles and elastic leg straps for a secure fit.

Royal Quick Wraps

Back on Track Quick Wraps are all-in-one standing bandages that decrease swelling through state-of-the-art Welltex material. The fabric uses the horse’s own body temperature to create a soothing FAR infrared effect. These top-selling standing wraps for horses are easy to use and aid in increasing blood circulation to promote fast recovery and healing.

 Key Benefits

  • Promotes healing: Helps to relax muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments.
  • Prevents injury: Can be worn overnight to reduce strain on tired legs.
  • Great for travel: Perfect for use during trailering to keep your horse safe and comfortable.
  • Easy to Use: Adaptable Quick Wraps can be worn on the front or hind legs and are easy to put on.

Mathilda All Purpose Saddle Pad

The Back on Track Mathilda All Purpose Saddle Pad is a light-weight therapeutic pad that uses Welltex technology so that your horse’s muscles are loose and comfortable while riding. The thin, diamond-quilted Mathilda pad has an easy-to-clean, moisture-wicking waffle texture on the underside, making it breathable and convenient to school in and use on warm-weather rides.

Back on Track Fleece Blanket

Make sure your horses stay warm when there’s a chill in the air with the snug and cozy Back on Track Therapeutic Fleece Horse Blanket. This winter horse blanket is made with Welltex, which provides innovative thermal heat therapy to soothe sore muscles and help prevent injuries.

Back on Track Therapeutic Dressage Saddle Pad

Keep your horse comfortable with a Back on Track Therapeutic Dressage Saddle Pad that is contoured to perfectly fit your dressage saddle. This breathable horse saddle pad wicks away sweat and uses innovative Welltex technology to increase your horse’s blood circulation to keep their muscles loose.

 Customer Reviews 

 The best sheet for ALL horses

“Omg. I did not believe the hype…it is so worth it. My horse has always struggled with soreness…it really relaxes her and helps her! I use it before and after eventing, and just after any ride really.” – Kelly S. on the Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet

 Love BOT products

“These help keep my horse from getting stocked up or sore after harder rides. I love using them overnight too, he doesn’t come out stiff The fast shipping was fabulous to!” – Shannon S. on the Back on Track Royal Quick Wraps

 Love BOT!

“This blanket is perfect for all horses. My rodeo mare hauls in it and wears it after runs. The heat therapy helps muscles after a hard run!” – Jordan J on the Therapeutic Turnout Sheet

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