Five Grants for Awarded from The Dressage Foundation’s Lynn Palm Western Dressage Fund

The Dressage Foundation (TDF) is pleased to announce that five grants for Western Dressage riders have been awarded from TDF’s Lynn Palm Western Dressage Fund. The Lynn Palm Western Dressage Fund was established in 2019 to initially provide grants for Western Dressage educational events, but the Fund was expanded in 2021 to also provide $1,000 grants to riders for their Western Dressage education.

Youth: Samuel Bohner, OH: Samuel plans to work with trainer Jennifer Sharpnack and attend Western Dressage clinics throughout the year. His goal is to show at a WDAA show in 2022, with a long-term goal of becoming a professional Western Dressage trainer.

Adult Amateur: Jerri Chuey, OH: Jerri plans to take lessons with Jennifer Sharpnack and attend a Charles de Kunffy clinic. She has been riding Western Dressage for over 10 years and was the WDAA Reserve World Champion at Level Two in 2020.

Diane Davitt, FL: Diane will use her funding to participate in a Lynn Palm Western Dressage Clinic. After a 20-year break from riding, she discovered a passion for Western Dressage and has been riding and training for two years.

Candace Hill, TX: Candace has been riding Western Dressage for just over two years, with a background in classical dressage. She plans to use the funding for continued lessons with trainer Maggie Kitts.

Professional: Sarah Stevens, WA: Sarah plans to use her grant funding for lessons with Caryn Bujnowski and a clinic with Kristi Wysocki. Sarah is a WDAA National Champion, has been a Western Dressage instructor for four years, and says her training business has grown significantly in the past two years.

Lynn Palm said, “I am so proud that these grants will allow enthusiastic riders to learn more about Western Dressage. I am especially pleased that they plan to share their new knowledge with others. Congratulations to all five recipients!”

Grants from the Lynn Palm Fund will continue to be available for Western Dressage clinics, camps, and symposia. Those applications are due at least 90 days prior to the event. Applications for the Lynn Palm Western Dressage Fund for Individuals are due July 20.  Visit for more information and to find the online application form. Contact Sara Weiss, Director of Grants and Programs, at (402) 434-8585 or with any questions.

Donations to the Fund are welcome and can be made online or by calling Jenny Johnson, Executive Director, at (402) 434-8585 or

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Palm’s career highlights include 2007 American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Horsewoman of the Year, a record four AQHA Superhorse wins, AQHA Female Equestrian of the Year by the Women’s Athletic Association, named one of the top United States clinicians by Horse & Rider magazine, over 34 AQHA World and Reserve World Champions, 14 WDAA World and Reserve World Championships and over 50 bridleless dressage exhibitions at events including the National Horse Show, 1989 World Cup and the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, and 2010 World Equestrian Games. Palm and Cyril Pittion-Rossillon are co-founders of three horse industry companies: Palm Equestrian Academy, Women LUV Horses, and Alliance Saddlery USA. Palm is the author of The Rider’s Guide to Real Collection and Your Complete Guide to Western Dressage.

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