Planning and Managing Successful Horse Shows and Events

Equine-centric events  can be a great way to create additional revenue streams and provide valuable relationship building opportunities for horse professionals.

Regardless of whether you are considering hosting a clinic, fun day or horse show, event planning is critical for success. If you are looking to build your skillset as an event manager, host or producer, this webinar is for you!

 Date: February 28, 2022
Time: 5:00 pm Pacific – 7:00 Central – 8:00 Eastern
Place: Attend via your phone or computer
Speaker: Jack Nash

Webinar attendees will gain essential insight into the following topics:

  • What elements to include in your decision-making process
  • The phases of planning and producing a successful event
  • Revenues and expenses to consider
  • The pros and cons of hiring a management company versus building your own team
  • What can go wrong and how to make it right

The speaker, Jack Nash, is a multifaceted hunter/jumper horse professional and the founder of Pegasus Productions: A Horse Show Management Company. Nash’s horse show team experience includes working nearly every position from running the back gate to managing the entire show. He works with all levels of shows, including grassroots entities such as the Interscholastic Equestrian Association and elite event producers like the Split Rock Jumping Tour.

“Because Jack has participated not only as an exhibitor but also behind the scenes at such a wide range of events, he brings a unique perspective to horse show and event management,” says Elisabeth McMillan, founder of Equestrian Professional. “Even the most experience horseman can learn something about the inner workings of horse shows to be a better exhibitor.”

The live webinar is provided free to all horse professionals courtesy of Equestrian Professional.

Register online through the Equestrian Professional website or by following the link below.

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