Julie Goodnight is On the Road Now for Spring 2022 Expo Tour

Julie Goodnight is excited to be back on the road with a packed expo schedule this spring, sharing decades of experience with crowds in stadium arenas nationwide. See her full schedule at JulieGoodnight.com/Events.

“I’ve really missed the energy of a live audience,” says Goodnight. “It’s wonderful to be back on the road, seeing familiar faces, meeting new horses, and working in front of an audience again.”

It is because of the people she meets on the road that Goodnight’s popular Riding ‘Til You’re 90 presentation evolved into Riding ‘Til You’re 100—raising the bar higher to help equestrians stay fit and capable so they can ride for a lifetime.

“It’s amazing how this one presentation draws a huge crowd every time,” says Goodnight. “One incredible woman came to my presentation at the Michigan Horse Expo and suggested changing the title to Riding ‘Til You’re 92—that way she’d still qualify. So I thought, ‘Why not Riding ‘Til You’re 100?’ I’ve been in the saddle for more than 60 years, but every time I poll the audience there are plenty of people that have been at it even longer!”

Goodnight is on the expo circuit throughout the U.S. this spring including stops in Oregon, Idaho, and Wisconsin. Presentation topics include horse behavior, balance and rhythm in the saddle, leadership, communication, cueing, groundwork, and more.

Get more information on Goodnight’s full 2022 schedule at JulieGoodnight.com/Events.

About Julie Goodnight
Goodnight is well known as the popular host and producer of Horse Master, a successful how-to TV series on handling, riding, and training horses. Goodnight travels extensively sharing her no-nonsense horsemanship with riders of all disciplines, as well as offering online training and coaching, a popular podcast, and a syndicated column on horsemanship. Goodnight is experienced with many kinds of riding—she grew up on the hunter-jumper circuits in Florida, rode racehorses through college, and is now at home in the West. She and her husband, Rich Moorhead, live in the mountains near Salida, Colorado, and enjoy riding the trails and training cow-horses.

Explore Goodnight’s training library of articles, videos, and more at JulieGoodnight.com/Academy.

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