Corro Introduces One Source for All Things Horse

In a time when nearly every purchase is only one click away, shopping for horse care products online often feels crowded and quite frankly, overwhelming. With e-commerce giants like Amazon helping to make our daily purchases convenient and care-free, the horse care world has been waiting patiently for its own one-stop-shop. Offering the best prices, a curated product assortment, and an elevated customer service experience, the wait is over with the arrival of Corro (

Founded and led by horse people for horse people, Corro ( is the most dependable shopping destination for all things horse. Corro’s e-commerce platform brings together horse-tested and horse-approved products with transparent pricing, fast shipping, Autoship options, and superior customer service. From stable to saddle, polo wraps to fly spray, Corro is revolutionizing how people shop and find the best product options for them and their horses, and will help streamline any horse shopping routine.

“Our goal is to take the guesswork out of finding best-in-class horse care products, tack, and more for every horse person, whether they manage a barn of 40 horses or own a cherished pony in their backyard,” said Lindsay Douglass, Head of Growth at Corro. “Corro works with vendors – both large and boutique – to create a curated source of only the best products and brands. We do the work, so horse owners can get back to what they love most; their horses.”

How does Corro know what’s best? Corro relies on the expertise of its experienced in-house horse care team as well as through other professionals in the community. Corro has partnered with equine professionals from dressage to mounted shooting and all points in between on a Top Rated program, for example. The program invites expert equestrians from all disciplines to test, review and provide honest feedback about the best-performing products in varying categories like all-natural shampoos, liniments, grooming tools, and more.

Learn more about Corro Top Rated HERE.

Visit Corro ( for daily horse and barn needs, browse an ever-growing product list, and make horse-care decisions with the help of Corro Top Rated. Corro helps to streamline any horse shopping routine, as a new one-stop shop destination for all things horse. Follow Corro on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for the latest updates on new product releases and more.

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