Back on Track® Elevating Industry Commitments in 2024 and Beyond

The ever-changing landscape of our fast-paced world is tough to stay on top of, even with the most robust resources and talents. With the introduction of AI, the evolution of social media, the digital landscape we all have to navigate, and the shift in the workplace environment, work-life balance is now more critical than ever.

“One commonality that has stayed true in this ever-changing crazy world we live in,” says James Ruder, CEO of Back on Track USA, “is the love of our animals and the unique variety of ways we enjoy our pets. Exciting new dog and equestrian sports competitions and the tried-and-true canine and equine events that remain staples of the industries we love drive us further in our commitment and passion to support the health and wellbeing of those we serve.”

“This tightly woven fabric of industry passion and commitment continues to motivate Back on Track to support more and more events in our industry,” says Yvonne Williams, Back on Track USA Marketing Coordinator. “In 2024, we have expanded our traditional footprint to include many regional dog competitions, expanded our sponsorship commitments across multiple disciplines, and continue to support the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Associations, now moving into its 3rd year.”

New in 2024 is our support of The Event at Rebecca Farms in Kalispell, MT, the Mid-Atlantic Dressage Festival and Lexington CDI3* held at the Virginia Horse Park in Lexington, VA, and the UpDog Challenge and International Finals held in Cadiz, KY, to name just a few.

Back on Track is always open to learning more about your regional and national events that serve either people, pets, or horses.  Event submissions are closed for 2024 but will reopen for 2025 in the fall with a detailed Event Submission Form.  Please visit and look for the link to complete the Event Submission Form. The form will be available in September 2024.

Back on Track creates therapeutic products that help people, pets, and horses achieve a more active and comfortable lifestyle. Back on Track’s proven therapeutic technologies include Welltex®, Iontex™, Coppertex, Haematex™, and Cool on Track®. All were developed by combining modern textile technology and traditional Chinese medicine to create unprecedented health and wellness results, often referred to as “The Back on Track Effect.” Back on Track’s joint and muscle support products and braces are FDA-cleared. Trauma Void, Back on Track’s line of riding helmets, is a global leader in safety and comfort. To learn more about Back on Track and our ever-expanding line of therapy and safety products, please ask your favorite retailer or visit us at