Brooke USA Joins Efforts in Support of Pakistan

With floods devastating the country, equines and owners are at-risk

Brooke USA joins efforts to raise emergency funding to help millions of people (and of course, their working equines and other animals) affected by record-breaking floods caused by unprecedented monsoon rains in Pakistan.  Brooke USA will work directly with Brooke Pakistan and Brooke: Action for Working Horses & Donkeys to ensure that funds raised reach those most in need.

According to ABC News, “more than 33 million people, or one in seven Pakistanis, have been affected by the catastrophic flooding … More than one million homes have been damaged or destroyed in the past two and half months, displacing millions of people.” Katherine Kaneb, Chair of the Board of Directors of Brooke USA added that “from Brooke USA’s perspective, we know that when humans suffer so do their equines and with the floods destroying crops and fields, we can only expect a shortage of food for both humans and animals.” Kaneb added, “we are deeply saddened by the devastating loss of life and livelihoods throughout Pakistan, and we know that those communities and villages where we work are the ones most at risk.”

Brooke: Action for Working Horses & Donkeys’ official statement notes that, so far, “600 communities across 13 districts have been affected, most of them in brick kilns. Animals are facing loss of housing, shelter, and food. One group of assessments, carried out in the Sindh province, found that several animals had lost their lives in the floods, and the owners that depend on them had been severely affected.

Without a doubt, livestock, including working equines, is very important to rural populations and it has been reported that many of those affected by the floods have spent their life savings on transporting their animals to safety. This migration to higher grounds is a difficult task for owners and animals, taking its toll on everyone; many young animals have died on the way or fallen victims to disease. They are not accustomed to standing in the heat and are getting sick due to malnutrition, lack of clean water and the stress of travel.

Brooke Pakistan joined PAWS (Pakistan Animal Welfare Society) in livestock relief missions, and has identified the need for fodder, shelter, vaccinations, and veterinary care.  PAWS estimated that seven trucks of fodder a day are required to feed animals in the cities of Thatta and Makli alone at a cost of $7,000 a day.

Brooke Pakistan has called upon its sister organization Brooke USA to provide aid for the animals affected by the floods. Members of the Brooke Pakistan team of veterinarians and veterinary assistants are administering vaccines and providing immediate treatment while prepping owners on first aid care.

Lalzada, a horse-carriage driver from Budhni, was helped by Brooke Pakistan when his horse Sohni developed acute dermatitis. Lalzada relies on his horse to provide an income for his family of 10 and is hopeful that with Sohni’s improved health, she will soon be able to get back on her feet and help her family make a living. Around 75,000 horses and donkeys are thought to have been affected by the floods – which are the worst in 80 years – in one province alone.

Brooke Pakistan CEO Mohammed Farooq Malik stated, “it is expected that food will not be easily accessible for at least the next six months, which could result in widespread starvation. With every day that goes by, more horses and donkeys will be at risk of dehydration, starvation, respiratory problems, and water-borne diseases.”

“Brooke USA donors are known for always being at the forefront and helping in times of disasters and emergencies. The current tragedy in Pakistan is no different with the added reality that so many of those we directly help through our mission are suffering. Reality is that the scale of  needs is rising, and it requires our collective attention,” stated  Emily Dulin, CEO of Brooke USA, To make your donation today, visit The need is great, and any amount helps.

About Brooke USA Foundation (Brooke USA): The mission of Brooke USA is to significantly improve the health, welfare and productivity of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people who depend on them for survival worldwide. We are committed to sustainable economic development by reducing poverty, increasing food security, ensuring access to water, providing a means to education, and raising basic standards of living through improved equine health and welfare. We accomplish this by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the areas of greatest need.

Brooke USA strives to alleviate the suffering and vulnerability of developing communities by funding and implementing programs that improve the quality of life and health of working equines and thereby positively impacting their economic sustainability, protecting the planet, ensuring gender equality, and guaranteeing life on land resilience. We want to see healthy, happy people and equines that work in partnership to achieve sustainable local economies.

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