EQUUS Television Network and Equine Affaire Join Together for TV Coverage

EQUUS Television Network and the well-known Equine Affaire are partnering up for special TV coverage. The EQTVN staff will be onsite at this annual event in West Springfield, MA, November 10-13. Here is your chance to learn from and mingle with top clinicians, coaches, competitors, judges, and other experts in the horse industry and so much more. In between, you’ll want to make time to shop at one of the largest equine trade shows.

There will also be advance virtual interviews to inspire you to save the dates so you can head on over to the fairgrounds to join in the fun and don’t miss the chance to win a new Big Screen HDTV by dropping your card in the raffle bucket. The winner can pick up their TV on Sunday afternoon, but you have to be in it to win it.

During the event, there will be interviews with some of the nation’s top clinicians onsite, plus there will be short street scenes showing some of the activities, providing viewers a “taste” of what is happening. The event runs in five buildings from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, November 10-12 and 9:00-5:00 on Sunday, November 13.

And if you haven’t already had an opportunity to enjoy the Thursday, Friday and Saturday Fantasia showcase then here is your chance. For two hours you will be entertained by the best of the best exhibitions that will keep you wanting more. But you have to be there to enjoy this evening event.

Leading up to the event and then onsite you can enjoy listening to what the clinicians have to say when they get interviewed by longtime equine journalist Diana De Rosa either virtually or in person.

If you plan to attend, stop by the EQUUS Television booth in the vendor area. If you want to see what it is like, watch tiny snippets of onsite coverage. Just remember that to truly enjoy the event you need to be there in person. But once home or at your hotel be sure to go to equustelevision.net to watch short clips and listen to each day’s interviews.

The EQTVN Team’s Creative Director Jacqueline Taylor will add a special artistic touch to make sure you enjoy the coverage as she shares all the news on equustelevision.net.  CEO John Barlett will be onsite to ensure no detail is missed as EQTVN’s goal is to bring you there in person and online.

Creative additions by Taylor and Reagan Smollen (the latest team member) of live footage and photographs taken by the EQTVN staff, street scenes, interviews and some clinician video clips ensure that this is an event not to be missed. And now you can enjoy it both on and off the grounds.

“The EQTVN staff has been networking the idea of choosing one major event a month where we go and share all that is happening and Equine Affaire was high on our list,” commented EQTVN Worldwide Equestrian Correspondent De Rosa.

“Equine Affaire is excited about how EQTVN’s coverage is going to showcase our event for the audience at home and give people a taste of what it’s like to be in ‘horse heaven’ with us at Equine Affaire,” said Allison Rehnborg, Equine Affaire’s marketing coordinator. “Make sure to watch EQTVN’s coverage, and if you can’t make it out to Equine Affaire in person this year, plan on joining us there in the future!”

Feel the flavor of the entire experience on EQTVN for FREE throughout the event and on social media. Follow @EQUUStelevision on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok for up to the minute updates on all the action!

Check out what else you can see by going to www.equustelevision.net. EQTVN is available for FREE on your favorite SmartTV Platforms, including Amazon Fire, Roku, Samsung, LG, and Apple TV. And keep an eye out leading up to the event for those preview interviews with some of the top exhibitors and more details from key members of the Equine Affaire staff. For more about Equine Affaire and how to purchase tickets go to www.equineaffaire.com.

Contact: Diana De Rosa, diana@equustelevision.net, 516-848-4867
EQUUS Television Network: http://equustelevision.net