Catch Up with the Freelance Remuda Podcast: Photographers and Community Builders in the Spotlight for Episodes 44 & 45

The Freelance Remuda hosts Abigail Boatwright and Kate Bradley Byars continue to produce the award-winning equine media-focused podcast in a format of segmented episodes that bring listeners as much information, and entertainment, as possible in each segment. The latest two episodes, Episode 44: The Photographer’s Episode and Episode 45: Learning, Growing and Gaining, showcase the facets of freelance media from building up a business to finding a niche and continuing to grow as a professional.

The Freelance Remuda Podcast is produced for freelance professionals who are navigating the equine media frontier. It’s available on, through Apple Podcasts and Libsyn, and now Spotify and Stitcher.

Episode 44 focuses on photography niches, paths to success and more. The three-segment episode includes an interview acclaimed rodeo photographer Christopher “Click” Thompson and, in the third segment, a talk with equine/wildlife/fine art photographer Phyllis Burchett. Their experiences and helpful tips had us taking notes during the chat, and you’ll want to do the same!

In Episode 45, the hosts explore how to get the most out of learning opportunities like workshops and online courses to improve a craft and broaden a niche. Guest Chris Dickinson talks through his photography journey and about his highly sought-after photography retreats. In segment three of this three-segment episode, Nicole Poyo Brennan discusses her evolution as a Great Basin ranch photographer and how she’s continued to improve her craft.

While the last two episodes have featured freelance photographers, the guest blog at continues to spotlight different creators. Be sure to visit and read “Event Coverage: Finding the Beauty in the Beast” from journalist Kristin Pitzer, who nails covering Western performance events for several titles. Later in May, graphic designer Jody Johnson will share her insight on logo creation and branding in a soon-to-come blog.

“The wealth of opportunities available for freelancers in equine media only continues to grow – from writing and photography to graphic design, video and social media, and we want to help all creators in their endeavors,” said Freelance Remuda co-founder Abigail Boatwright. “We are excited about upcoming episodes that focus on marketing, website creation, book authoring and more!”

In addition to the Freelance Remuda Podcast, Abigail and Kate will co-moderate a session at the American Horse Publications Equine Media Conference held June 22 through 24 in Tempe, Arizona. The session, “Self-Marketing for Freelancers: The Magic Ingredients,” will feature a panel discussing different ways freelancers can make an impression, grow business relationships and boost work opportunities.

“Both Abigail and I started our careers on staff, which helped us gain positive work habits and let us see this industry from different points of view,” Kate Bradley Byars said. “After six years of producing the Freelance Remuda podcast, we are excited to bring our knowledge and the knowledge gained from our many interviews to the conference and share with other equine media professionals.”

The Freelance Remuda podcast is produced every other month, with a blog post produced on the off months, thus providing equine media members with robust information to help navigate the industry. Additionally, an archive of podcast episodes provides a great resource for those wanting to understand how to forge a path through the horse industry with ease and professional grace.

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The Freelance Remuda is a podcast about navigating the equine media frontier. Co-hosted by seasoned freelance professionals Abigail Boatwright and Kate Bradley Byars, the podcast explores the trials and triumphs surrounding life as a freelancer in equine media, while sharing valuable tips from equine media editors and creatives doing what they love. The dictionary lists a remuda as: re•mu•da (noun): a herd of horses that have been saddle-broken from which ranch hands choose their mounts for the day. The Freelance Remuda’s mission is to help train up a herd of professionals specializing in horses, from which editors and businesses in equine media can hire to do great work. Find and subscribe to the podcast wherever you choose to listen, and for more information, go to

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