Covers for the VIP™ Original Pad Now Available

The revolutionary VIP™ Original Half Pad now has a cover available to instantly change the look to match a saddle or saddle pad. VIP Pad owners can now easily match their half pad to their saddle or saddle pad with the soft, washable brushed cotton cover. Available in either black or white, the covers are available to fit both large and medium sized VIP Pads.

Released into the US market at the end of 2020, the VIP™ Original Pad is a half-pad made with a unique, proprietary polymer that is considered the universal gold-standard in human medical use for pressure protection. The material maintains shape under prolonged compression, has high tensile strength, and does not leak or bottom out under pressure. This polymer has been shown to draw and disperse heat, too. In saddle pad form, VEteq effectively adds a thin layer of fat to the horse’s back, helping to regulate temperature and offer better cushioning under the saddle, while also reducing impact and friction.

The VIP Pad’s cushioning technology alleviates pressure points while evenly distributing weight. “With its excellent ‘second skin’ like feel and use of proven materials, the VIP has become a super additional piece of kit to use,” says Sam Griffiths, member of the 2016 Australian Olympics Team. “The all-important close contact connection I have between my saddle and the horse is not compromised in any way.”

With four different sizes available, the VIP Pad can be paired with both English and Western saddles to enhance horse and rider comfort.  Learn more at

About VIP Equestrian Half Pads: Designed in Europe, the VIP™ Original Half Pad is made with a proprietary, viscoelastic polymer (not gel) with an innovative Bobble™ surface design. The VIP Pad alleviates pressure points and evenly distributes weight to keep your horse comfortable and feeling his best. At only 8mm thick, the VIP Pad provides superior impact protection for the horse’s back and does not interfere with saddle fit. It is hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic, easy to clean and is not sticky. Available in multiple colors and sizes to fit both English and Western saddles, visit to learn more and shop today.

About Achieve Equine, LLC: Achieve Equine is a worldwide distributor of innovative, evidence-based products. We partner with carefully selected equine brands to deliver safe, functional and validated technologies that improve the health and safety of horse and rider. Achieve Equine is the maker of FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips and the exclusive North American distributor of VIP Equestrian Half Pads and Iconic Equestrian Saddle Pads. For more information, please visit

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