David Dellin Named CEO of the American Paint Horse Association Family of Brands 

The American Paint Horse Association, a multi-million dollar international organization and the world’s second largest equine breed registry, is pleased to announce the appointment of David Dellin as its new chief executive officer, effective immediately. As CEO, Dellin will lead APHA’s family of brands: the non-profit American Paint Horse Association, its wholly owned for-profit subsidiary Marked For Greatness Properties LLC, and the charitable American Paint Horse Foundation.

With more than a decade of experience as part of APHA’s senior management team, Dellin brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success to the position. An Oklahoma State University graduate, Dellin first joined APHA as director of judges in 2012 and was instrumental in the development of innovative showing- and judge-education resources, including APHA’s interactive learning platform horseIQ.com. Dellin’s expertise and experience has yielded partnerships between APHA and other equine organizations to streamline, modernize, and create their own stakeholder resources through APHA’s proprietary platform. Previously, Dellin was a professional horse trainer and judge; he also served as past president of the National Snaffle Bit Association.

The move capitalizes on Dellin’s extensive leadership experience, passion for the equine industry, and commitment to continue APHA’s pursuit of innovation and collaboration. In his new role, Dellin will cohesively position APHA’s family of brands for future growth and industry-leading performance.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to lead APHA into the future,” Dellin said. “For the last decade, I’ve been proud to be part of one of the most innovative and creative organizations in the equine industry. The opportunity to now lead that same organization is one that I look forward to with great enthusiasm.”

Located in the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards, APHA has direct access to more than 3 million annual visitors in the revitalized historical district. The association’s iconic “Legacy of Color” bronze horse statues, located in the center of the Stockyards’ Mule Alley, is one of Fort Worth’s most recognizable and photographed public art pieces. Dellin will continue to expand APHA’s influence and partnership in this fast-growing tourist destination, as well as among its domestic and worldwide members.

“Dave Dellin is the right leader to capitalize on existing and emerging opportunities,” APHA President David Lands said. “Dave has illustrated the ability to coalesce and inspire our team of professionals who work extremely hard for our customers, partners, sponsors and donors. APHA staff and the Board of Directors are genuinely excited for Dave, our organizations and Paint fans around the world. I’m confident in his ability to lead and work collaboratively to ensure our continued success.”

The Board looks forward to new opportunities to tell the APHA story and develop cooperative, strategic alignments with other innovative organizations, both inside and beyond the horse industry.

“I’m excited about the alignment and elevation of the APHA and its philanthropic component, the American Paint Horse Foundation, and its wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary, Marked For Greatness Properties,” President-Elect Kelly Boles-Chapman said. “Dave Dellin is an excellent leader to take our organization into this new era, with focus on incredible opportunities for our members.”

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