EQUUS Television Network Enters into Agreement with Technology Provider MuxIP for FAST Delivery of Global Equestrian Sport & Lifestyle Television

EQUUS Television Network, the world’s leading provider of equestrian sport and lifestyle content, is excited to announce a groundbreaking agreement with MuxIP, a cutting-edge technology company, to enhance & expand the delivery of its Global Equestrian Sport & Lifestyle programming across FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) platforms globally, available to Samsung TV+, LG Channels, Amazon FreeVee, Roku TV and others. MuxIP’s FASTHub for OTT platform will deliver EQUUS Television to connected TV consumers around the world.

This strategic partnership represents a significant step forward for EQUUS Television as it seeks to revolutionize the way equestrian enthusiasts around the world consume content related to their passion. MuxIP’s advanced FAST delivery technology will enable EQUUS Television to provide viewers with a seamless and lightning-fast streaming experience with NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES.

“We look forward to working with EQUUS Television to accelerate the delivery of their premium content to equestrian enthusiasts worldwide,” said Jonathan French, MuxIP Senior Vice President.. “Our FAST technology will enable EQUUS Television to maintain its leadership in the industry and ensure that their audience has access to high-quality equestrian sport and lifestyle content at the speed of today’s digital world.” Connect with MuxIP on Facebook, Twitter and at MuxIP.com.

EQUUS Television is renowned for its extensive up to the minute news coverage of top domestic and international equestrian events, horse care, training tips, lifestyle features, documentary film, television series and more. With the incorporation of MuxIP’s FAST technology, the network aims to elevate the viewing experience to new heights, ensuring that equestrian enthusiasts have easy access to high-quality content in real-time.

EQUUS Television and MuxIP are confident that this collaboration will set a new industry standard for equestrian sport and lifestyle content delivery. Both companies share a dedication to innovation and a passion for providing the best possible viewing experience to their audiences.

“We are thrilled to partner with MuxIP to revolutionize the way equestrian enthusiasts across America and Around the World consume content,” said John Barlett, CEO of EQUUS Television. “With MuxIP’s FAST technology, we can deliver our programming to our viewers faster and more seamlessly than ever before. This partnership underscores our commitment to excellence in the Equestrian realm, providing our audience with an unmatched viewing experience.”

“The incredible, sustained passion for equestrian content has not been a secret; whether in the U.S., in Europe, where it is sometimes the #2 sport, or in the Middle East or Asia, and EQUUS Television encapsulates the ecosystem for everything equestrian in the highest quality,” said Jonathan French, senior vice president of sales & business development for MuxIP. “The live feeds and regularly refreshed library content will make this an ideal FAST channel.”

EQUUS Television and MuxIP are currently working together to implement the FAST technology, with plans to roll out the enhanced viewing experience immediately. Equestrian enthusiasts can look forward to a faster, smoother, and a more engaging experience when tuning into the Global Equestrian Sport & Lifestyle Television Network.

For media inquiries, please contact: Diana De Rosa, EQUUS Television Network, Email: media@equustelevision.net, Phone: 800.358.2179

 About EQUUS Television Network: The EQUUS Television Network is a leading provider of equestrian sport and lifestyle content, offering viewers subscription free access to an extensive range of programming related to equestrian sport, training, horse health, entertainment and more. With a commitment to high quality content, coverage and innovation, EQUUS Television strives to deliver the best possible viewing experience to equestrian enthusiasts around the world.  Learn more at https://equustelevision.net

 About MuxIP: MuxIP is a global leader in powering the rapidly growing TV business model centered on Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST). The company’s patented, cloud-based SaaS technology offers intuitive and powerful tools that allow content owners and media companies to create, monetize and distribute FAST linear channels on the leading distribution platforms.

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