Equine Network Adds Cinch Ranch Sorting National Championships to Best-in-Class Event Lineup

Equine Network has acquired the Cinch Ranch Sorting National Championships, the leader in ranch sorting.

Equine Network, LLC, has acquired the Cinch Ranch Sorting National Championships (RSNC), the hands-down leader in ranch sorting.

Already a leading provider of best-in-class competitions like the Ariat World Series of Team Roping, USTRC and the Pink and Ruby Buckle, the Equine Network continues its mission to promote Western live events combined with innovative content and digital experiences through the RSNC acquisition.

The sport of ranch sorting has exploded across the U.S., with over 15,000 members competing at 354 sanctioned events throughout the country annually, working toward earning an opportunity to compete with nearly 8,000 other teams at the annual Cinch Ranch Sorting National Championships World Finals event. RSNC has introduced some 34,000 members to the sport since its 2007 inception. The association continues to innovate while preserving the heritage and integrity of the ranching lifestyle and providing a family-oriented, competitive riding experience at the grassroots level.

“I’m very excited about the opportunities Equine Network presents,” said Logan Wolfe, RSNC Event Director and Producer. “Through this acquisition the possibilities to grow this sport are endless.”

RSNC’s core principles are to provide a fun, fair and competitive sport for all to enjoy. The organization prides itself in being the No.1 equine family sport. Each event includes a competitive environment for every member, from brand-new beginners to professionals, with classes for the whole family.

“We are very pleased to add Cinch Ranch Sorting National Championships into our Equine Network Western Sports Group,” said Tom Winsor, CEO of Equine Network, LLC. “We strongly believe with the continuation of Logan Wolfe’s leadership and our marketing and management teams, we will accelerate the growth of ranch sorting. And our media brands—like Horse&Rider and EQUUS, will give us an opportunity to serve the sorting community in new, engaging ways.”

With its strategic acquisitions within the equine industry, Equine Network has positioned itself as the largest equine-focused information, events and membership services company in the country, including a powerful and proven educational model serving thousands of active subscribers and generating incredible growth and entertainment. Equine Network’s other offerings include member-only competitions, roadside assistance, online learning and other proprietary content. Equine Network will continue to build and acquire additional services and solutions to enable its current and future members to more easily enjoy and participate in the equine industry.

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