Two Aspiring Horse Doctors Awarded the Inaugural $10,000 Richard and Anne Stirlen Foundation Scholarships by The Foundation for the Horse

Two accomplished equine veterinary students received $10,000 Richard and Anne Stirlen Foundation Scholarships, made possible by the generosity of Anne Stirlen in honor of her equine veterinarians, Laura Javsicas, VMD, DACVIM and Gus Abuja, DVM, DACVS. The awards were presented by The Foundation for the Horse on Nov. 30 at the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) 69th Annual Convention in San Diego, California.

The 2023 Richard and Anne Stirlen Foundation Scholarship recipients are:

Annie Gerding, The Ohio State University

Meghan Poth, University of California – Davis

Alongside her husband, Mrs. Anne Stirlen is a lifelong horse owner and advocate from Connecticut. Her support for the profession for new and upcoming equine veterinarians to assist them in the management of their debts when they reach graduation.

“Assisted by The Foundation for the Horse, I am delighted to present this chance to support aspiring equine veterinarians,” Mrs. Stirlen said.

Annie Gerding, class of 2025, sets herself apart from her peer by striving to become a well-rounded clinician. She hopes to strengthen the field through her passion for mentorship. After graduation, Annie plans to peruse a rotating equine internship as well as a residency in equine internal medicine.

Meghan Poth, class of 2025, has successfully completed research and training that explore analgesic options. After graduation, Meghan hopes to own a private veterinary practice supplying the industry with field ambulatory medicine. She is always thinking on treatment options that best serve both owners and horses as they deserve to be respected and educated about all the options available to them.

“We owe the Mrs. Stirlen a tremendous amount of gratitude for this inaugural scholarship opportunity,” said Katie Garrett, DVM, DACVS, The Foundation for the Horse president. “

Having owners who exhibit a profound concern for the well-being of horses through sustained dedication is truly remarkable. Their commitment underscores the significance of education of veterinary students and the horses they will eventually care for.”

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