EQUUS TV Reminds Equine Filmmakers and Podcasters to Enter the Tryon International Film Festival  

The deadline for Equine Filmmakers and Podcasters is fast approaching to enter the 10th annual Tryon International Film Festival (TRIFF). TRIFF’S partner, the EQUUS Television Network, wants to remind you to enter. TRIFF 2024 takes place October 10-13 and has been listed on IMDb as a festival and gaining recognition from notable directors, producers, screenwriters, actors, filmmakers and now podcasters. TRIFF offers an assortment of film entry topics and with the help of the EQUUS Television Network wants to continue to expand its selection of equine films and podcasts.

EQUUS Television Network (EQTVN) is a Worldwide OTT Television Network that is dedicated to equestrian lifestyle programming. The network is headquartered in Wellington, FL, and is available subscription free. They partnered with TRIFF in 2023 and the film that won Best Short Film was “The 24 Behaviors of the Ridden Horse in Pain,” which can now be seen on EQUUS TV here: https://equustelevision.com/watch/2105.

Other films that were showcased at TRIFF 2023 and now are shown on EQTVN are “Unreined” (https://equustelevision.com/watch/3071) as well as the interview done with Naomi Guttman-Bass (https://equustelevision.com/watch/2621); Templeton Thompson “Get Back Up” (https://equustelevision.com/watch/2996) and her interview (https://equustelevision.com/watch/2622).

For more details about this annual event, take the time to watch the 2023 TRIFF promo and the interview with co-founders Beau Menetre and Kirk Gollwitzer to learn more about this wonderful film festival: You can find those interviews here https://equustelevision.com/watch/2436 and the TRIFF promo here: https://equustelevision.com/watch/2426.

TRIFF is in Tryon, NC, with a large equestrian interest and is not far from the Tryon International Equestrian Center. The film festival debuted in 2015 and has expanded its many categories to include a “Best Equestrian Film or Podcast.” TRIFF is programmed under the umbrella of the Polk County Film Initiative (PCFI), a 501(c)(3) organization.

Submitting filmmakers will have the opportunity to have a conversation with EQTVN to showcase their film on this TV channel and a short interview with EQUUS TV’s Worldwide Correspondent, Diana De Rosa, will also be arranged. TRIFF is not linked to EQUUS Television Network in any legal sense, and all negotiations between the filmmaker and EQTVN are between them and not TRIFF.

EQUUS Television is proud to support our colleagues at the Tryon International Film Festival for this premier event. It Is the goal of EQUUS To be the primary destination for equine related entertainment, video content, documentary film and award-winning productions for horse enthusiasts, such as the meticulously curated equine and equestrian related film selection that is featured at TRIFF by filmmakers around the world. Our partnership with them underscores our commitment to bring the top equine related events and programming to our diverse global community,” said EQTVN CEO John Barlett.

Equine Filmmakers don’t miss this chance to enter your film into this treasured film festival to share your work with both the TRIFF and EQTVN viewers. If you are an equine filmmaker or podcaster that has an entry you want to submit, go to www.filmfreeway.com/TRYON2024 and follow the steps below. First Start by entering your film into the appropriate generic category but also enter in the “Best Equestrian Film or Podcast.”

  • When you get to the above link you will see deadlines with category drop down menus showing the fees and steps to enter.
  • Prices range from $30 to $45 and the sooner you enter, the lower the entry fee.
  • The film or podcast can be from any time in the past two years (2022/2023). This can also include features, shorts, music videos, equestrian interviews and anything else that is equine centric.
  • If you have any questions feel free to contact Diana De Rosa at 516-848-4867 or diana@equustelevision.net.

Dates & Deadlines

  • May 1, 2024 is the regular deadline – June 1, 2024 is the late deadline
  • June 14, 2024 is when you would be notified if your film made it into the film festival
  • October 10-13, 2024 is the Event Dates

 Categories: Best Full Length Narrative Film, Best Short Narrative Film, Best Student Film, Human Rights and Human Dignity, Best Full-Length Documentary Film, Best Short Documentary Film, Best Animated Full Length Feature, Best Animated Short Film, Best Equestrian Film or Podcast, Best Student AWE Project Film-High School, Best Student AWE Project Short Film-College, Best Narrative Podcast, EcoHarmony Cine Award.

The “Best Narrative Podcast” category opens the door since there are a lot of equine podcasts. So, don’t miss this chance to be heard.  Also, keep in mind that while everyone wants to be the winner in each category just having people see your film means more exposure. Anyone coming to the Film Festival will also have the opportunity to do a short 5-minute Q&A after their film is shown.

About EQUUS Television: About EQUUS Television Network: EQUUS Television Network is the premier global destination for Equestrian and Equine-related content. With a commitment to delivering high-quality programming, EQUUS TV offers a diverse range of content, including news and on the scene reporting from the world’s most important Equine related events, documentaries, competitions, educational segments, and exclusive interviews with industry leaders. EQUUS Television Network is available on most SmartTV Platforms SUBSCRIPTION FREE, including Amazon Fire, APPLE TV, LG, Samsung, ROKU, and most recently STIRR was added into the mix. It can also be downloaded on your phone: https://equusiphone.link/apphttps://equusandroid.link/app.

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