Horizon Structures Presents Series: The Low-Profile Horse Barn – The Lesson Horse Of Horse Barn Builds

by Nikki Alvin-Smith

 Most horse aficionados appreciate the sincere value that the humble lesson horse provides to the equestrian. The rock solid, “steady Eddie” equine that sets up a rider for success with its amiable nature and willingness to work and to tolerate the rider’s mistakes, is worth its weight in gold. The lesson horse is a reliable and usually multi-discipline hoof soldier that provides for a multitude of needs, adjusting its behavior to accommodate everyone’s talent level.

This stalwart equine lesson critter is the backbone of the horse industry. In the world of horse barn builds, the highly serviceable and affordable Low-Profile barn is the horse structure equivalent of the lesson horse.

The inconspicuous design of the Low-Profile horse barn is easy to overlook. Much as the trusty steed idling around the pasture on his likely sole day off a week, unflappable in nature and diverse in ability, this multi-functional barn offers the horse owner a small footprint barn design that does not shout about its presence. It just quietly gets on with business.

The Low-Profile barn won’t overshadow existing buildings on the property. It can be tucked away behind the house, sheltered in the lee of a hillside, or hidden behind a garage or greenhouse.

The potential multiple uses reflected by its clever design make it a great option for the small backyard horse operation, where a starter barn can fulfil all the horses’ needs in one place.

The interior space offers a place to groom, tack up and work, during all sorts of weather without interference from high winds, raging hot sun rays or pounding rain. Access can be secured for times when the horse owner is temporarily absent, making the included storage space perfect for tack and equipment/feed and forage supplies.

Options with an overhang can extend the shelter aspect of the structure, providing additional storage or room for horses to hang out. The addition of exterior stall access via Dutch doors can invite horses to alleviate boredom with a room with a view even when stabled and offer an in/out horse care initiative.

Dutch doors that can be secured from both inside and outside, ensure that the building can be locked up tight when necessary.

Floor plans run the gamut and can easily be customized to fit the building into a tight spot or to provide a focal point within the backyard where horses can be visible from the home. There is after all, no better view from your kitchen window than one of your horses contentedly munching on hay or napping in the early morning sunshine with their heads visible over the stable doors.

Addition of sectioned paddocks or turnout areas can make the horse keeping chore schedule easy for the busy horse owner to manage and provide a horse friendly freedom to roam option for the resident equines even if the actual acreage of the property is small. Review of Tips for building on a small property can help the starter horse keeper figure out their best options for realizing their dream of horse barn ownership.

The Low-Profile barn can be as fancy as you want to make it. With window shutters and plant boxes for more decorative touches as well as highly functional additions like a copper cupola or weathervanes, the customization factor is affordable. Traditional board and batten can be stained with 15-year warranty stains or painted, or for extra flair consider low-maintenance smart siding that offers a myriad of colors and trim designs from which to choose. Metal or shingle roofs can also add a flash of color.

The Low-Profile barn offers just as much fun to design as its larger barn cousins without the cost. And unlike a good lesson horse which can be hard to locate and buy, the Low-Profile barn is a cost-efficient method to secure horse housing, particularly with the popular modular build options and ‘to-the-penny’ quotes.

Financing options can help manage the initial capital outlay of the horse barn. Larger companies are now accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment, which is a perfect way to turn those profits into hard assets.

The ever-increasing costs to board a horse can be assuaged by keeping horses at home. And the rewards can be great. For many horse owners once they’ve kept their equids at home, they never want to go back to livery options. But it is work, and it is 365/24/7, so bear that in mind before you jump in.

Modest horse barn builds are the norm in Europe, Australasia and the United Kingdom. The great thing about the Low-Profile barn is it still encompasses the center or interior aisle American design option. A factor that is so important in less temperate climates for ease of use and a design feature that has been heavily adopted throughout the horse world on many continents.

Fashionably detailed or not, the Low-Profile horse barn is a robust build that can provide for all the necessities of daily horse living in a humble and practical way. The popularity of the minimalist approach is gaining ground not just in home building, but also in horse barn building.

Just because you are selecting a Low-Profile ‘lesser horse barn spend’ build, there is no reason to suffer from a lack of choice in colors and designs. Resources online include galleries of inspirational ideas that invite you to customize your design to match your tastes and individual needs.

Take a look. You’ll be surprised at how fabulous going Low-Profile horse barn building can be in today’s market, and how fast you can bring your horses home.

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