H.O.O.V.E.S. Mustang Task Force Rescues 5 Wild Horses from California

Veterans Will Gentle & Train in Support of Mental Health.

Tuesday, January 17th part of the H.O.O.V.E.S. Mustang Task Force will set out on a cross-country adventure to bring home 5 wild horses for a new veteran program. Due to herd management challenges, more than 50,000 wild horses currently reside in holding facilities across the country and another 50,000 are scheduled for round-up. More than 1.7 million veterans are receiving VA treatment for mental health challenges. These are both staggering numbers, and H.O.O.V.E.S. is doing its part to help on all fronts.

While attending the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest in Sacramento, CA, H.O.O.V.E.S. was presented with an opportunity to adopt 5 ungentled mustangs and place them in a pilot program, where veterans and their family members will find healing as they learn how to gentle the wild horses. The mustangs will be available for public adoption at the end of the training period to approved adopters.

On the journey to California, the Mustang Task Force will be making stops in Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada, and on the journey home Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Indiana to give public talks and raise awareness for veterans’ mental health and mustang adoption. The cross-country journey, talks, and gentling process will all be available for viewing on the HOOVES YouTube Channel. [https://www.youtube.com/@hoovesforvets8032]

Visit our campaign site [https://hooves.networkforgood.com/projects/180736-wild-mustang-task-force] for details and to learn how you can support our mission.

Want to host a HOOVES meet & greet/talk in your town? We are looking for stops to host us along the way. If you’re not far from I-80, Rt 40, Rt 44, or I-70 and would like to host us between January 18 and 26th, please send us an email at info@hooves.us

 There are currently 53,000+ wild horses in holding pens across America. Each and every one deserves a loving home. Can we inspire you to want to adopt one of these living legends?

 Join us if you’re interested in adopting and want to find out more!

 The H.O.O.V.E.S. program is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to enlist rescued horses to help veterans transform Post-Traumatic Stress into Post-Traumatic Growth. We serve veterans nationwide through 4-day retreats at our center in Swanton, OH, and at pre-scheduled venues across the country. Learn more at https://www.hooves.us or follow us on Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/hoovesforvets] and Instagram [https://www.instagram.com/hoovesforvets/]

The EQUUS Film & Arts Fest highlights and rewards the diverse and creative efforts of those who pay artistic homage to the horse. Every horse has a story, it’s our mission at the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest to share those stories, through film, art, and literature. Visit our website at www.equusfilmfestival.net and like us on Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/EquusFilmFestival] and Twitter. [https://twitter.com/EQUUSFilmNYC]

Contact: Amanda Held