Meet a Member: Fran Severn

Location: Eastern Shore of Maryland

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Towson State University

Business: Author of Riders of a Certain Age: Your Guide to Loving Horses Mid-Life and Beyond

AHP: How did you get involved in equine media and AHP? 

FS: As a freelancer who was writing for some equine publications but who wanted more contacts, AHP was obviously the place to go to meet editors, make contacts, and develop my business, writing and marketing skills.

AHP: What project in equine media are you most proud of and why?            

FS: Obviously, my book, Riders of a Certain Age: Your Guide to Loving Horses Mid-Life and Beyond. Between conversations with “mature” riders and discussions on social media, I saw a gap in knowledge about horses for new and returning “older” riders. That was the idea, to give people factual, researched, quality information—but in an entertaining way. It’s been exciting and satisfying to see how many people appreciate having a guidebook for entering or re-entering the equine world.

AHP: What are the biggest benefits of AHP to your organization?

FS: On the business side, the contacts and professional development opportunities. On the personal side, the friendships and overwhelming support we give each other. In most professions, freelancers and competitors are fiercely defensive, but the AHP members are gracious and generous in their time, knowledge, and support.

AHP: How do you make the most of your membership?

FS: I make attending the conference a must in order to enjoy the professional development seminars (plus the parties). If I have a question or need leads for research or someone to Beta read, I know I can find a member who will have what I need or know the person who does.

AHP: What projects do you have coming up that you’re excited about?

FS: I’m expanding the book into a larger “whole,” building a community of horsewomen, adding a journal\workbook, developing seminars—both in-person and on-line—and turning the book’s website into a resource for up-to-date information about the topics covered in the book.