Larri Jo Starkey, Editor

Tally Ho at the Alamo Seminar, 2015, San Antonio, Texas

LARRI JO STARKEY spent 13 years in newspapers, writing headlines, correcting grammatical errors and riding herd on a wild crew of copy editors who were all committed to both the holy AP Stylebook and the principle that English is a living language. She now works as an editor for The American Quarter Horse Journal, where she can indulge her passions for writing, editing, photography and the American Quarter Horse.

Her session, Miss Frogbottom Was Wrong – 10 Grammar Errors That Aren’t, takes you back to the schoolroom of your childhood. Starkey describes her topic as: Your elementary schoolteacher had a room full of writhing children itching for recess. To keep their interest, Miss Frogbottom kept her grammar lessons short – maybe too short. You probably learned the abbreviated version of some grammar rules.

To view the audio presentation, click here.

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