Ryan Dohrn, Ad Sales

RYAN DOHRN is the founder of media sales training firm Brain Swell Media and the creator of the 360 Ad Sales System taught to over 3,000 ad sales reps in 7 countries.  His 25 year media sales and marketing career includes leadership roles at PennWell Publishing, Morris Publishing, Disney/ABC TV, Sinclair Broadcasting and The NY Times Company.  He is an Emmy Award winner, business book author and has been featured in USA Today and on Forbes.com.  Dohrn currently works on a monthly basis with over 75 media companies and their related sales and management teams.


Dohrn presented two sales sessions at the 2016 AHP “May the Horse Be With You” Seminar in Orlando. He has been a guest speaker at AHP seminars several times and his sessions are always motivating and point-on.

Big Data Cash Machine? … how to collect it, how to host it and then how to sell it.  This is no longer just a buzz word.  It is a critical part of every growing publishing business.
Big Data Cash Machines? [PDF PowerPoint]


Paid and Sponsored Content.  What does this all mean to AHP publishers?  Maybe you have tried it and failed?  Maybe you have had some wins, but lack consistent revenue streams?  6 ways to make sponsored content a win-win for your publication.
Paid Sponsored Content [PDF PowerPoint]

Dohrn also presented two webinars for AHP members in 2016.

  • 5 Simple Ways to Exceed Your Sales Goals with Ryan Dohrn, March 23, 2 p.m. EDT – WATCH REPLAY
  • Fixing 5 Common Ad Sales Roadblocks with Ryan Dohrn, April 19, 2 p.m. EDT – WATCH REPLAY


Speakers have shared their presentations with AHP members as a courtesy. Please do not share the presentations outside of your staff.

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