AHP Loves Students. Extends Deadline to February 14 for the 2022 AHP Equine Media Student Award

Up to three applicants receive a travel award of $1,000, complimentary conference registration, and student membership. Travel Award winners have an opportunity to participate with equine media professionals and businesses at a three-day conference at the AHP Equine Media Conference in Lexington, Kentucky, May 12-14, 2022.

One Travel Award winner will be selected as the 2022 AHP Equine Media Student Award winner on Friday, May 13, during the 2022 Conference in Lexington. The winner will receive a $1,000 cash award. The runner up will also receive a cash award. Cash awards are sponsored by Equine Media Network LLC.

Student Award applicants are required to email a completed application form plus additional required information by February 14, 2022. Eligible students may access guidelines and an application on the AHP website at https://www.americanhorsepubs.org/equine-media-student-award/

AHP offers other opportunities for students under the age of 25. Student membership is available to high school, college, and graduate students for dues of $25.The AHP Internship Program offers college students an opportunity to intern at equine publishing media or businesses and gain valuable hands-on work experience.

For more information on AHP and its student programs, visit our website at www.americanhorsepubs.org or contact: Judy Lincoln, AHP Student Program Coordinator at AHorsePubs2@aol.com.

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American Horse Publications is a professional association of equine-related publishing media, professionals, associations, and businesses. Established in 1970, AHP has promoted better relationships and communication within the equine media industry. Since 1993, the AHP Student Award program has continued to promote awareness of the career opportunities available to students.

For more information, contact: Judy Lincoln
(386) 760-7743
Email:  ahorsepubs2@aol.com

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