Lucile Vigouroux Named 2019 AHP Student Award Winner

Lucile Vigouroux became the 2019 AHP Student Award Winner on May 31, 2019 during the AHP Equine Media Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Vigouroux is a May 2019 graduate of Centenary University earning her B.S. in Equine Studies with a concentration in Equine Science. Her career goal to dedicate her professional life to helping horses and educating their caretakers is multifactorial. She wants to teach equine courses at the collegiate level while working as an equine veterinary technician and freelancing for equine publications such as The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health and EQUUS.

Vigouroux was born in France, the daughter of Eric and Pacale Vigouroux. In 2008, she moved to California, where she developed a deeply rooted passion for horses.  Outside of horses, she enjoys traveling and visiting her family who reside in France and Mexico.

“I am very interested in research,” says Vigouroux. She and her college research partners conducted an 18-month observational study on the potential correlation between meteorological changes and colic in horses. At the Equine Science Society 2019 Symposium in Asheville, N.C. in June, Vigouroux presented the research they had been working on with Dr. Jesslyn for the last 2 years. Their abstract was also published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.

Since May, Vigouroux has started freelancing for The “They took me on trial soon after the conference,” she says, “and have since agreed to offer me the opportunity to freelance for their online and in-print magazine.” To date, she has written one study recap, titled, “Is My Horse Too Old for Colic Surgery? A New Study Looks at Age as a Predisposing Factor for Postoperative Reflux and Mortality”. 

Vigouroux says fellow AHP members gave her lots of advice on professional development at the conference in Albuquerque. The first recommendation that she recently implemented was to create a webpage for her equine media and journalism endeavors at

“My experience being an AHP member and attending the conference has been fabulous,” she says. “During the conference, I learned the art of pitching, which was foreign to me, yet so important for a freelancer in the making. I gained some helpful insight about the legal aspect of writing professionally, as well as some honest, real talk about the reality of being a writer in the equine industry.”

“I was motivated and inspired by the accomplished professionals who I met and formed a lasting friendship with my fellow Student Award finalist, Ruby Tevis,” says Vigouroux. “The AHP Student Travel Award funded my trip to the conference, which turned out to be incredibly enriching for my professional development.”

Vigouroux is pursuing a master’s degree in Equine Performance, Health, and Welfare at Nottingham Trent University in England.

Megan Lacy, a communications consultant and former Managing Director of Communications at the United States Hunter Jumper Association, judged the 2019 Student Award competition and selected the two finalists, Lucile Vigouroux and Ruby Tevis. Lacy says, “What a wonderful set of applicants. It was truly a pleasure to review their work and information.”

AHP Student Travel Award winners receive a $1,000 cash award, complimentary conference registration and membership from American Horse Publications to attend the Equine Media Conference.

The AHP Student Award Committee of three AHP Executive Board Members interviewed the finalists during the conference and selected Lucille Vigouroux as this year’s winner. As the 2019 Student Award winner, she received a framed certificate and commemorative pin from American Horse Publications, and a $1,000 cash award from AIM Equine Network.

As the 2019 AHP Student Award runner-up, Ruby Tevis was presented with a cash award of $400 sponsored by AIM Equine Network. Tevis is a sophomore at Midway University in Kentucky pursuing a degree in Marketing Communications, with a minor in Equine Studies. She is the daughter of Jennifer Tevis of Lexington, Kentucky.

Since the AHP conference, Tevis has embarked on a new, professional journey in both photography and journalism.

“During the speed networking session,” says Tevis, “I met Jan Westmark, editor in chief at Sidelines Magazine. In June, I became an employed writer with Sidelines and now produce two stories per month. Along with stories, I am also producing portrait photography for Sidelines, which is something I had no experience with, but have really enjoyed doing.”

Tevis says, “Jan has been a kind, patient guide who has pushed me out of my comfort zone to help me grow. I feel she believes in me, and where I sometimes lack in confidence, she makes up for it! I couldn’t ask for a better editor to work with. I am loving this position and am so grateful that AHP made this connection possible.”

She has also written for USDF’s website YourDressage, thanks to another AHP connection, Emily Koenig, USDF Senior Publications Coordinator. During the conference, she met other wonderful mentors including Jamie Samples, who she has stayed in contact with through Facebook.

Tevis is actively editing the Kentucky Dressage Association magazine, and has taken on new roles within the organization, learning the ins-and-outs of event planning and social media marketing, among other aspects of equine media.

“I can’t wait to attend the AHP Equine Media Conference in Lexington next year to celebrate AHP’s 50th anniversary,” says Tevis. “Not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought of my time at AHP. I am so blessed.”

The 2019 Student Award presentation was held on Friday night at the Student Award Reception, sponsored by SmartPak and Equitana USA. During the reception, attendees made their final bids on over 70 items in the AHP Student Fund silent auction. AHP Student Program Coordinator, Judy Lincoln, organized the auction and raffle which raised $2,707 for the AHP Student Fund that supports the $1,000 travel cash awards to attend the AHP conference to students pursuing a career in equine media. The fund also provides complimentary student membership and conference registration certificates to all Student Award applicants.

The highest bid item was an iPad Mini 4 with custom 2019 AHP case donated by Horse Health Products and purchased by Anna Sochocky. The second highest bid item was an LG UltraWide Monitor donated by Farnam and purchased by Suzanne Sylvester.

The big spenders at this year’s silent auction were Suzanne Sylvester ($325); Michelle Adaway ($280); Anna Sochocky ($225); Ashyn Flanagan ($220); and Chelsea Schneider ($185).

The silent auction is not possible without generous support from fellow AHP members and friends including: Jean Abernethy, Banixx, Breyer Animal Creations, Kimberly S. Brown, Rick Buckley, Certified Horsemanship Association, Jennifer Denison, Hope Ellis-Ashburn, Farnam, Freedom Health LLC, HandsOn Gloves, Horse Health Products, Horse Illustrated, Horse&Rider and Horse&Rider On Demand, Inc., Kentucky Equine Research, Rhonda Lane, New York Horse Magazine, Shelley Paulson, Platinum Performance, Practical Horseman and Dressage Today Online, Dave and Ann Russo, Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd., Signal-Health LLC, SmartPak, Speedhorse, Larri Jo Starkey, Straight Arrow Products, The Chronicle of the Horse, The Original NibbleNet, Milt Toby, Trafalgar Square Books, United States Hunter Jumper Association, US Rider Equestrian Motor Plan, Vita Flex, Western Horse magazine, and Where Wild Roses Grow.

The auction items provided a great opportunity to shop for horse-related gifts and products. A big thank you goes to those who won the final bids: Jean Abernethy, Michelle Adaway, Whitney Allen, Abigail Boatwright, Kay Coyte, Cori Daniels, Janet de Acevedo Macdonald, Rebecca Didier, Hope Ellis-Ashburn, Ashyn Flanagan, Kelcie Griffith, Christine Hamilton, April Hardeman, Steve Heath, Jessica Hein, Erin Hsu, Kelly Jedrzejewski, Peter Kirby, Meghan Margewicz, Sammi Miller, Katie Navarra, Jen Paulson, Candice Rice, Jamie Samples, Chelsea Schneider, Sabine Schleese, Barbara Socha, Anna Sochocky, Larri Jo Starkey, Suzanne Sylvester, Summer Terry, Doug Thal, Lucile Vigouroux, Heather Wallace and Stephen Williams.

American Horse Publications offers students interested in a career in equine media with several opportunities to participate in its association. High school seniors and undergraduate college students pursuing a career in equine media are encouraged to compete for the 2020 AHP Student Travel Awards and Student Award. Guidelines and applications will be available by October 1, 2019.

To request information about any of AHP’s student programs, please contact: Judy Lincoln, American Horse Publications, (386) 760-7743, e-mail: Information is also available online at the AHP web site at under Students.



American Horse Publications is a professional association of equine media. Its members include equine-related print and online publications as well as professionals, students, organizations, and businesses which share an interest in equine media. Established in 1970, American Horse Publications celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020.

Contact: Judy Lincoln, AHP Student Program Coordinator

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