2010 AHP Champions

Twelve past presidents were recognized for their contributions to American Horse Publications during the 40th Anniversary seminar in Lexington, Kentucky.

Walt Wiggins

1977-1978 AHP President
Quarter Racing World

Erbert Eades

1978-1979 AHP President
The BloodHorse

Don Price

1979-1980 AHP President
Michigan Harness Horseman

Les Ford

1985-1986 AHP President
The Harness Horse

Thom Mezick

1986-1987 AHP President
Horsemen’s Corral

Peter Winants

1987-1988 AHP President
The Chronicle of the Horse

Tracy Gantz

1988-1989 AHP President
The Thoroughbred of California

Christine Brune

1989-1990 AHP President Eastern/Western Quarter Horse Journal

Bill Shepard

1990-1991 AHP President
Paint Horse Journal

Nancy Lee Comer

1991-1992 AHP President
The Chronicle of the Horse

Karl Little

1992-1993 AHP President
Cutting Horse Chatter

Jennifer Meyer

1993-1994 AHP President
California Horse Review

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