Cavallo Horse & Rider Benefits the Ebony Horsewomen, Inc. Therapeutic Center

Cavallo Horse & Rider offers discounts to many therapeutic riding centers to help horses who work hard feel their best and move easily. This summer, Cavallo donated Trek Boots and saddle pads to Ebony Horsewomen, Inc. (EHI Equestrian & Therapeutic Center, The therapeutic center quickly put the donated boots to use—and helped a horse feel better immediately.

Cavallo chose to donate to the center after hearing about the center’s work. The Connecticut-based equestrian center works to provide inner-city youth with equine-based programming and equine-assisted therapy. Founder Patricia E. Kelly began the EHI center in 1984. As a Marine Corp veteran and cowgirl, it was her dream to help unite youth and horses. Now EHI, a non-profit organization headquartered in Hartford’s historic Keney Park, has encouraged community change by providing educational programs including the use of horses. EHI offers riding lessons, day camps, after-school programs, a museum, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, services for veterans and their families, and Culturally Competent Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Certification.

As soon as EHI received the donation, they put the Trek Boots to the test. One horse showed a fast-onset lameness and was soon helped with the boots. The Trek Boots ( and the optional pad inserts can help horses feel better after hoof injuries or laminitic bouts. The Bridge Pads can help make sure that saddles fit ageing horses well, with padding in just the right places (

“I have seen Cavallo boots used in the past by other equestrians, but had I never used them myself,” says EHI Chief Operating Officer, Dominique Bourgeois. “I admit I was a bit skeptical when I read about them being used for rehabilitation and the almost immediate results, but now I am a firm believer. One of our horses (the mare that I work with most often) suddenly became lame about two days before we received the donation. We checked for rocks. We soaked her hoof in Epsom Salt, our farrier removed her shoes and retrimmed her and nothing worked. She continued to walk on her toe in truly visible pain.

“Once your donation arrived one of our trainers–and myself–were discussing which of our horses could benefit from trying a set of the boots first, immediately she was at the top of the list. We decided to try them right then. We placed to the boot on her sore foot first of course because she already was not trying to bear any weight on that hoof already. With the boot on, we put her foot down and adjusted the straps to fit her (she put her foot down on the ground fully). Now the true test, let’s walk her. She stepped off with the foot the booted foot and hesitated to walk off at first but fully put her foot down on the ground and walked forward, that was the only hesitated step. We put the boot on her other foot, to of course keep her balanced and she walked so amazingly well (no tiptoe).

“At that point, I was still not a believer that the Cavallo Boot works that fast. The next morning, we put the boots on her to see if we would be able to turn her out for the first time in three days. She did not walk out of her stall, she strutted out of her stall. We turned her out with her paddock mate and she took off. I’m a believer, a firm believer! I am so appreciative of this amazing donation. We will definitely make good use of the boots for all of our horses. Thank you again!”

Cavallo is thrilled to have a philanthropic program and often helps therapeutic riding centers with discounted orders. PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International, therapeutic riding members receive a discount on orders.

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