“Believing In Horses Out West” a Finalist in International Competition

An American horse story hit stride as it achieved Finalist status in the international Wishing Shelf Book Awards. In this contest, children from primary and secondary schools in the United Kingdom read and judged the children’s and young adult book submissions, with over 221 entries.

Believing In Horses Out West” follows a young horse rescuer’s journey as she visits a faraway ranch to ensure a mare she rescued in Maryland remains safe in her new home in Montana. New York Times bestselling Author Robin Hutton described it as “A thrilling coming-of-age story filled with love, lessons, and finding one’s purpose in life….”

“I am happy this book is resonating internationally,” said author Valerie Ormond. “Horse rescue is a worldwide effort, and the fact that the younger generation took an interest in both this subject and in American ranches, means a lot to me.”

Ormond has won eight awards for her first two books, “Believing In Horses” and “Believing In Horses, Too,” including the Military Writers Society of America Book Awards for Gold medals and Maryland’s Touch of Class Award. She is a member of American Horse Publications, Military Writers Society of America, a former Secretary of the Maryland Horse Council, and a certified instructor with Certified Horsemanship Association. She is also a 25-year U.S. Navy veteran.

Contact: Valerie Ormond

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