Nominations Open for Horse&Rider’s Trainer of the Year

Horse&Rider is pleased to announce the first ever Horse&Rider Trainer of the Year Program. The program is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate a horse trainer who exemplifies what it means to be a good steward of the equine industry. Whether your horse trainer has helped you master a maneuver in the ranch riding, created a lesson program that teaches young horse lovers the basics of horse care, or is responsible for helping you become the best horsekeeper you can be, Horse&Rider wants to honor them. Prizes for the first ever Horse&Rider Trainer of the Year will be provided by Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences, Inc. makers of Cosequin®.

The Horse&Rider Trainer of the Year will be selected from nominations. To nominate a trainer, submit an essay (at least 100 words) describing why this person deserves to be named Horse&Rider’s Trainer of the Year at Nominations close May 31, 2022.

From the nominations, the top ten finalists will be asked to submit a short video to help the Horse&Rider editorial staff to determine the winner. If a trainer is selected to be a top-10 finalist, the person who submitted the nomination is responsible for submitting a video (5 minutes or less) describing why the trainer should be selected as Horse&Rider’s Trainer of the Year. Videos can include information on the trainer’s training background, current training program, training philosophy, the trainer’s definition of a good horse person, an example of the trainer giving a lesson, student testimonials, etc.

The winner will be interviewed for Horse&Rider’s podcast The Ride, be featured in a special training feature on, and receive a special commemorative gift from Horse&Rider and Cosequin®.

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