AHP Webinar: Conquer Your INbox… Crush Your Sales Goals!

Presented: Friday, October 26, 2018

Guest Speaker: Ryan Dorhn

Presented by American Horse Publications

In this free webinar sponsored by AHP, fellow-horse enthusiast and award-winning media sales coach, Ryan Dohrn, shows you his proven system to manage over 300 emails per day down to inbox zero. Plus, technology email technology you can use to clone yourself!  These tips have helped media reps just like you save HUNDREDS of hours per year and grow their sales too!

About the Guest Speaker

Ryan Dohrn is a fellow AHP member, horse owner and the host of the #1 iTunes podcast Ad Sales Nation.   He has trained over 10,000 media sales people in 7 countries.  His 25-year media career spans consumer, B2B, traditional, and digital media brands from Disney to PennWell. He is also the Founder of Brain Swell Media, an international keynote speaker, an Emmy Award winner, best-selling book author, and he still sells media today.

Click here for audio recording

Need the handout from the webinar? It can be downloaded at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ai4ve066i8v265w/Conquer-Your-Inbox-Deck.pdf?dl=0

Over 7 hours of ad sales training is online at this link: http://360adsales.com/ad-sales-training-options/self-study-ad-sales-training

Ryan’s ad sales advice podcast is online too. Please take a listen. http://360adsales.com/ad-sales-training-podcast