Meet a Member: Straight Arrow Products Family of Brands: Mane ‘n Tail; Cowboy Magic; and Exhibitor’s

Key Executives: Devon B. Katzev, president; Ashyn Flanagan, vice president of communication; Perry Sansone, vice president of sales; and Terry Miller, vice president of operations

Location: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

AHP Affiliation: Business member since 2009

Specialty: Celebrate the Straight Arrow Family of Brands: Mane ‘n Tail; Cowboy Magic; and Exhibitor’s! Since 1970, Straight Arrow Products, Inc., featuring our brand, Mane ‘n Tail, continues to create and provide exclusive hair- and skin-care products renowned for quality and performance in both the equestrian and personal-care markets. We’ve naturally expanded to accommodate people’s needs, as the equestrian audience discovered a valuable secret that the products they were using on their horses also created remarkable results when used on them, as well. Mane ‘n Tail is now a leading brand in the personal hair- and skin-care world.

Straight Arrow continues to manufacture all products in the United States, adhering to strict quality assurances, guidelines and consistently meeting a high-performance standard. As our business has continued to grow, we have expanded our variety of equine products to include the brands Cowboy Magic (founded in 1995) and Exhibitor’s (founded in 1990). Each brand brings its own special “hero” products to the equine grooming industry. Our credo is to “Satisfy the Customer,” which has been our company’s tradition from day one. Our products are sold in more than 200,000 locations throughout North America and internationally.

Years in business: The Straight Arrow Products Family of Brands brings you more than 100 years of combined grooming excellence, with 50 years of Mane ‘n Tail; 25 years of Cowboy Magic; and 30 years of Exhibitor’s.

AHP: When did your company join AHP and why? 

SA: We joined AHP in 2009, because we felt it was important for Straight Arrow to be connected solidly to the ever-changing horse publishing industry and all those included in the organization. We thought it was a wonderful way to keep our pulse on the industry and stay in the know with horse publications, publishers, editors, freelance writers, digital media professionals, photographers and so many more members. 

AHP: How has AHP membership helped your company?

SA: The annual AHP Equine Media Conference is the highlight of our year, as there is so much to learn from the speakers and classes. Not only have we learned an incredible amount during each conference, but throughout the year, as well. With knowledge provided on a regular basis, it is helpful to us when gauging media outlets and pairing them with specific media audiences to maximize the awareness of all our brands.

AHP has also given us the opportunity to educate the members about Straight Arrow Products at a more grassroots level. We can really speak to the members directly and they have been incredible at spreading the word about our brands. 

We have been fortunate to connect with many talented industry professionals through AHP and to be able to collaborate with photographers, writers, authors, illustrators and many more resourceful members. All have broadened the scope of what we can accomplish for the Straight Arrow Family of Brands. We are extremely thankful for that opportunity.

AHP: How have you maximized your membership?

SA: Over the last few years we have been truly ensconced in the entire AHP culture when we join everyone each year for the annual AHP conference. The pre-conference tours help us learn about the places we visit and how they honor horses and their people, as well as that community’s specific ties to the horse way of life. The tours are always eye-opening adventures and helps us bond with all our AHP colleagues.

We have continued to maximize our membership by sponsoring a luncheon during the conference for the past few years, and doing our best to present an engaging presentation with fun and interaction. Connecting in person with everyone at the event is huge for us, because not only can we launch new products and get incredible feedback for new ideas, but we also can learn what individual products are favorites and why they feel they work so well. Members have helped us spread the word about new product launches, sometimes receiving them pre-conference to give their expert opinions on what worked well for them to groom their horses. This has been a tremendous help while at the conferences to understand much more about all our consumer wants and needs. At the AHP conferences there seems to be a very honest exchange of information and opinions.

As everyone knows that attends the annual conference, it is a true family feeling. It is something that all of us here at Straight Arrow can relate to, because we are in fact, a family owned and operated company. Although we may be international, we have stayed true to our roots in the horse industry. Coming to the conferences reminds us that horsepeople are the folks that made our company strong and propelled us to where we are today. We have you all to thank for that!